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Daily Prompt: Lollipop

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I loved lollipops when I was a kid, bad for my teeth though, and now the sugar hit wouldn’t do it for me, instead it’s be a turnoff. Later at school there were the lollipop workers or traffic wardens, those who stopped the traffic so that school children could cross busy roads safely at selected points. I passed a grumpy one today, it was raining and the motorist on the opposite side had come too close to her, she was not happy.

But always when I hear or read the word Lollipop I go immediately back to 1964 and that pop hit ‘My Boy lollipop’ a cover by Millie Small. It has no lyrical merit, it is pure pop, yet it is stuck in my brain, an effervescent ear worm of energy and 60s spirit.


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I’d love to credit this photo, it’s not mine, I found it on the net in January last year with no credit given. It shows the the disastrous bush fire impacting Yarloop. This historic town was wiped out and so was a major slice of historical evidence.


I took this photo of the Yarloop Museum, in 2009, we had a fabulous afternoon touring the centre (and now in hindsight we’re so glad we made the effort – we went on a whim). It all went in the fire. Yarloop was an old mill town and this was the mill and timber workshops and the locomotive yard for Millars Timber which began circa 1901 and operated commercialy for 77 yrs. The milling operation of 1901 was built on the original site of the first mill in Yarloop in 1895. The buildings were described by WA Heritage as unique in design and world class for its period steam machinery display. The fire was disastrous on many levels, lives and homes were lost, and the historical heart of a museum complex was lost. I guess we can’t hang on to everything, but I still feel sad that it is now lost to us.



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Daily Prompt: Edible

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2014-07-24 08.38.22

I’m a train buff and back in 2014 we’d saved up and decided to indulge in a trip on the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. I’m fairly sure that the food provided was from all over Australia, and some from overseas too, and none was said to be organic or specifically local. However, that aside, it was more than edible, it was scrumptious, and I  put weight on as a result. I’ve discovered that there’s a side effect to everything one enjoys 🙂  But the indulgence was worth it, we really enjoyed the food, the people, the train experience, and all the places along the route. One of life’s learning experiences.



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Daily Prompt: Savor

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Pure hot choc, something to savor, or savour.

I’m quite enthralled with the rise of Chocolateries. The whole cacao bean phenomena. Two are relatively local – Gabriel’s, and Temper,Temper. Temper have a documentary running on loop the whole time and it is fascinating. What I really appreciate is the whole business of crafting both pure and blended chocolates. Herbs, spices, fruits, condiments, nutella, vegemite, all add to a variety beyond my childhood dreams. It has become a bi-monthly treat on the way between work and home. All this talk of chocolate – I must go and find a piece. I’m not just savoring, I’m salivating …


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Daily Prompt: Bumble


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I don’t really play golf, but ocassionally we get out on the public nine hole course in Augusta at the Civic Park, we bumble around and have fun, nothing serious, just a walk and a nine holes and a lot of laughter.

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Daily Prompt: Jangle

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Mr Bo Jangles … to which I always wanted to retort – Does he?

One of the more pleasant jangles for me is the campfire bell – usually a metal ring or tube to alert everyone that food is served. This one made by Geoff which we used at Elachbutting Rock one year. Worked a treat.


While we never used them at home on the farm, we had a collection of cow bells that would do the same job.


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Daily Prompt: Tether

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Old faithful, my tent, tied and tethered, secure as always once erected. Veteran of 20 ventures, especially the Bibbulmun Track. On this occasion (one of many) we’re at Elachbutting Rock campsite (north of Bonnie Rock) enjoying the beauty.


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