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Together – Brilliant!

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DSC03343 2.jpg

Another permaculture garden being constructed, using the same brilliant principle as the Keyhole Garden, with the compost in the center. Newspapers form the compost retention area, straw and waste fills the void, while scraps continue to be added to the compost bin over time, and then, joy of joy, the worms come and do theri bit too. It all breaks down at different rates and contributes to the garden. So all round – win/win. This one worked a treat (though if you notice, there neeeded to be more inner space) and was also a great fun community day. Together we work, together we grow, together we reap, together. Just brilliant.



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Relating Nature to Christmas

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The street we live in is named after this tree, the Nuytsia floribunda, commonly known as the West Australian Christmas Tree. The Noongar name is Moojar. It is hemiparasitic in that it both photosynthesises and is also parasitic – drawing its water from its host plants which it attaches to by its roots. The parasite is a form of mistletoe. Nuytsia always flowers from late November to Christmas, hence its common name Christmas Tree. And that’s how nature relates to Christmas, the flowers announce the cultural season, and the tree does look as if it has been lit up with stunning yellow and orange flowers.



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Keyhole Garden Theory

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Our son Jon and his wife Anna began a keyhole garden some two years ago, note the angle of teh bricks, the photo is just a segment of this vast permaculture process. I have done raised garden beds, but not in this style. The graphic below (from: explains the simplicity and theory well in visual form



This photo ( shows what it looks like early on, this one is laid with bricks flat. People have made them out of metal sheeting, plastic liners, cardboard, etc. In this photo you can see the central compost tower which receives your scraps daily and which feeds the garden daily. The raised bed is moisture retaining and ergonomic in that it is ideal for waist height gardening. It is drought resistant too, and water wise. It is a no dig garden, and permaculture is the theory behind it. It works well by every testimony online, and Jon has said before it has worked well for them. What a great theory!



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