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The Hollow Fruit – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“Power is actualised only when word and deed have not parted company.” Hannah Arendt

The Hollow Fruit

I fertilised my mind and
pruned my soul with 
eager waiting as the fruit
of life began to ripen with 
anticipation, and soon I 
placed the melon, all glossy
and firm, on my table for 
sacrifice, and I took my 
knife and sliced it open,
only to find that it was 
devoid of seed and lacking
in good fruit, a false promise
and a sterile facade of all that
I'd hoped, perhaps imagined,
that would be mine, and I 
felt empty inside.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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At My Drifting Edge – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Jack Gilbert,

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.” Emily Dickinson

At My Drifting Edge

How to desribe the bigness of life
with the impatient failings of words
that judge and hem us in
making meaning so small,
skirting round the yeasty feltness
of things that desire to rise and grow,
life is big, love is bigger, an encompass
of the wholeness of we,
but I found at my drifting edge
of view a simple grey feather,
a dovely gift of no decimal value
that in its dullness shone
with promises of hope,
that all the coin of the world
could never be given receipt.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Better Landscapes – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft – Stream Of Consciousness Writing.

Grace at dVerse has invited us to write a poem using the literary device – stream of consciousness writing.

Photo: out on the terraces of my garden.

“…. and it came harshly to me that this garden was the world and from the world there would be no hiding.” Kathleen Kent

Better Landscapes

So then, contrary Mary, just how
does your garden grow because if 
it doesn't then it can't and it mightn't
so it won't of all the snails and slaters
stacked against a positive outcome
yours is the garden of doomed delight
that folds into a waste of darkness
provoked by the mainstreet philosophers
of botanic fright and no amount of 
haute hort will save it or you for
that matter as the slugs of life
engulf you, ignoring the trivia of 
your self-summation, desiring 
far better landscapes of the heart.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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To Bathe In – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Quadrille – Garden

Victoria at dVerse has invited us to write a poem about any form of the word Garden.

Photo: The winter garden, soon to bloom.

“Gardens are a form of autobiography” Sydney Eddison

To Bathe In

The writing of our edenic idyll,
a lush and varied eclogue,
has been its own healing
journey to connection,
to something deeper that is
more than the satisfaction of
a garden of secrets and wonders,
more a place to bathe
in life-giving wholeness.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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She Dreamed – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Five Lines

“Let my beloved come to his garden and eat its choicest fruits.” Song of Songs

She Dreamed

Magenta stretched out among the wildflowers,
the sun soaked earth warming deeply,
colourful perfumed senses aroused
while she dreamed her secret garden
only he could tend.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Uneasy Truce – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Australian Geographic: New Holland Honeyeater
"Birds are the first and the greatest performers."  Olivier Messiaen

Uneasy Truce

Summer's largess has rent the sky
while autumn now questions
the heavenward strands
weighing the bough,
needing relief lest the
heavy winds of winter might 
toss and split them wide,
and I stand cut ready but a 
chorus of honeyeaters hurl an
invective of my early demise
should I touch their hallowed space,
the truce is uneasy,
promises of care yet
they remain shrill,
standing guard,
sudenly they are eagles and
I am their field mouse.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Another Way – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Homemade-Biodiesel jpg

Photo:  “Mr. Welty producing homemade biodiesel”


“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”  Socrates

Another Way

Are you not in the least curious
even a tiny bit?
That there is another way instead
of this long fall into deep forgetfulness
to a prison not made of stone,
imprisoned, within our selves
where the memory of other lives
is eclipsed by the drama
of shame, of wanting, of striving,
over the simplicity of
bread, shirt, and roof,
wherein lies the escape.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Once It Begins – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse Poets – Poetics – Purple Patch

Sarah at dVerse has invited us to write about vegetable gardening, using a list of plants provided.


Photo: found on multiple sites.


“Cares melt when you kneel in your garden.”  Okakura Kazuko

 Once It Begins

Once it begins it begins,
but to begin at all I too must begin,
and so to move towards that which
consumes my energy even before I start,
just to acknowledge the needs of the soil,
to rejuvenate to a friable tilth,
removing winter’s detritus,
the stalks of old and to
boldly plunge in as so often before,
once it begins with spade and hoe,
stakes and twine, bags and jars,
it gathers pace and the vision grows,
worlds erupt and the magic flows,
plans expand beyond the Nile
for a harvest of harvests,
of crucifers and kales,
tubers and climbers,
the table bowed,
as kitchen rejoices
in purple swords,
czar, blue fire,
and aurora too,
knife and fork,
the juices flow,
once it begins.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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The Garden – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“A garden should make you feel you’ve entered privileged space – a place not just set apart but reverberant – and it seems to me that the gardener must put some kind of twist on the existing landscape, turn its prose into something nearer poetry.”  Michael Pollan


The Garden

To sit in this hallowed space
in this day poured out,
an oblation
transforming all who enter,
listening to the conversation of birds
perchance a dragonfly or two,
as slender limbs waft gently
on the breeze that washes over me
drifting lavender through the air,
while all the morn the sun caresses
my very bones and warms my soul,
and suddenly I am many ages
of wonderment and fathom,
of child and man.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Memorable – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



“In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.”  Robert Lynd


Today was many things,
as most days often are,
a collection of the senses
my soul so nurtured,
and even a few mundane things
helping the rest stand out,
but the most memorable of all,
so simple, yet moving,
was the arrival of a
New Holland honeyeater
who hid in the shrubs
near the birdbath,
Tentatively flitting in and
out to the water’s edge
watching us
taking all of us in
making sure it was safe
to dance in the water
the splashes were music
that filled the silence
we conspired to offer,
I wondered later if I had
seen myself.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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