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The Real Work –

Resting – dVerse Poets – Pub Talk

Baladgie Lake.jpg

Photo: Baladjie Rock, Westonia, part of the Great Western Woodlands, and as you can see it is alongside the extensive Baladjie Salt Lake system. One of a multitude of places I find restful.

The Real Work

I had plans for this afternoon
but plans had otherwise
a momentary distraction
I wandered in Eden
then sat for awhile
caressed by the sun,
as birds sang arias while
insects buzzed coded smiles
the flora seductive,
and the work of the day faded
I was as light as air
my shoulders unfettered,
I drifted beyond,
and I smiled knowing that
the real work had just begun.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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My Jesters – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Laugh – Word of the Day



My Jesters

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah, ca, ca, ca, hahahahah, rrrrrr,
Slowly I open an eye,
laughter penetrating
as a question arises;
are they laughing at me?
The sun is rising fast,
light coming in around the curtains
but I’m not late.
kookaburras in the gum tree,
laughter infectious,
HT5 for the soul,
from my jesters who
telegraph a lighter way
to treat life
to laugh into this day,
such a wonderful beginning.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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The Longest Walk – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Walk – RDP Saturday


Photo: The Hull River, NT, usually a dry river, but a raging torrent if heavy rains come, behind me is Lasseter’s Cave.


The Longest Walk

Days of dehydrated confusion
heat boiling my blood
the camels had bolted
their pegs loosed and broken
and only the Pitjantjatjara people
knew what to do,
they led me along the Hull River
to the Tjunti soak
and put me in a cave
shaded, watered, and fed,
Old Wart watched over me
while the old women brought me food.
But that reef is calling
and I’m so fevered for gold,
barely able to stand
I set off yet again
driven, determined,
but little did I know, though,
in my bones I sensed it,
this next short walk
would be my longest.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


Note: Lasseter, who alleged that at 17 yrs he’d found a 16 km gold reef in the outback, came to grief on his expedition in 1931 to reestablish its whereabouts. His companions were away and he was alone when his camels spooked and bolted, taking the water and food with them. The local indigenous found him nearly dead, and cared for him, laying him up in a small cave on the Hull river. Weakened, he set off on foot again, walking 55 kms eastwards and collapsed and died. He was 51 yrs old.


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Bovine Effluent – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Bovine – Word of the Day




Bovine Effluent

We were drafting cows one afternoon
when Graham
treading in a pat
exclaimed, “Shit!”
And laconically I agreed
noting his tautological tendencies
without so much as a smile.
I said “We’re covered in it mate.”
“What?” He was so utterly confused.
“Well, between the stock agents,
the tax office and the pollies,
We’re up to our necks in bovine effluent.”

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Derelict Dereliction – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Derelict – Word of the Day


Photo: a derelict steam engine cab, outside the Gwalia Museum.



Derelict Dereliction

A macabre vision irrupts the scene
of rust and rotting plaster
a sombre funeral for the eyes
deposited for all to see
cast off, derelict,
left for dead,
as if nothing really counts,
and, as with metal,
or with plaster
one might say,
so with flesh and blood,
when we disregard each other.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Memories – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




I’m not sure why I stopped
in the sharp heat of the day
particularly here,
I walked the firebreak for a while
and though I didn’t stir the soil so much,
my shoes were coated in a pale dust
as if the old days wanted to come with me,
those accretions of experience
which stick to the back of the mind
and come in dust.
Hours later,
when I’d arrived home, I
determined that I would not
clean my shoes.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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And Bags – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Baggage – RDP Friday




“Just because you have baggage doesn’t mean you have to lug it around”  Richie Norton.


And Bags

I do go back to those days,
of dusty sheds with oily tractors
and bags of grain,
the smell of rust and diesel
pungent phosphate, O
those poor broken saws,
musty canvas,
the bale loader which made us slave,
and wrestling with rams
as we fleeced them.
Endless days of heavy lifting,
good clean muscling
and nights of easy sleep,
but nothing like days of heavy bearing,
where the heart is loaded,
carrying a lifetime of feelings,
that can never be weighed,
but which need tender love
that they might ever be lifted.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Desire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Goal – Word of the Day





The ageless dance,
an inner landscape of desire
so difficult to articulate,
but which can be spoken by other means,
a language so sensual the soul sings,
and if enunciated carefully,
whole worlds become transparent,
as we discovered,
while the daisies smiled over us.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Endless – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Infinity – Word of the Day


Buzz Lightyear might have said about the outback, “To infinity and beyond.” It certainly stretches out on the Great Central Road. This photo – on the way to Warakurna.


Perhaps love can be likened to an outback road
that stretches out endlessly,
beckoning discovery and adventure,
where nothing is fixed,
where bends and rises amplify curiosity,
and horizons become goals,
some never reached,
but always dreamed,
always held,
as the road leads ever on.
Perhaps love, like and outback road,
is endless, beckoning,
and held.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Living The Questions

Vacillate – word of the Day

S4300058 (1).JPG

Straight ahead or turn left? (Frost’s poem comes to mind again Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken ). In the end it may not, but then again it might be a good choice! If only I could decide. One of the many tracks to walk or ride in Borannup Forest.

“Love says ‘I am everything.’ Wisdom says ‘I am nothing.’ Between the two, my life flows.”    Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Living The Questions

As I sat and inhaled the morning’s brew,
I mused that not all was slings and arrows,
nor was there a troubled sea to ponder,
just a vague sense that the horizon was unclear
and that life really is a series of questions
rather than a series of decisions,
for decisions only lead to more questions,
and the cycle endlessly repeats.
I am more resolved to this now
than my younger self,
to sit with the tension between two points,
to savour, to weigh, to wait, to play.
The joy is in the anticipation,
s lovers would agree,
not always in the resolution.
As I sit sipping my morning brew
I recognise I’ve come to enjoy the pleasures
of perhaps, of maybe, or let’s wait and see,
to see all sides,
and to play all characters,
till my circle has enlarged,
and there is no singularity,
no monochrome,
in fact, no circle at all,
simply the experience of
the beauty and the vagaries of life,
and to live the questions.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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