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A Degree of Caution

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When you head north, especially inland, you need to be cautious about a number of things. Water supply, food, shelter, Eperb, and so on. Fuel is the other. We carried around sixty litres spare on board. We didn’t really need it, but at least it was there if we did. The photo shows fuel bowsers, all locked up. There’s a degree of caution in these parts due to theft and damage. If you want fuel, it’s still self-serve, once the attendant comes and unlocks the cage for you. In years gone by some of the young people out here turned to sniffing petrol to relieve the misery. But now they sell a low arromatic fuel that prevents you getting high, so it’s no longer a major problem. They sell diesel too. Nowadays, it’s pure theft, you can hot wire a pump just like a car, and with the cost of fuel out here, there’s a motive for some. So, as I was saying, a degree of caution …



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Relocate to Krakow?

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Poland was a facinating place to visit, a country with a rich and sometimes tragic history. We spent a considerable time in Warsaw, but we did visit another importnat city – Krakow, which used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Poland, until the captial was, in stages, relocated to Warsaw. Warsaw became the economic and political capital around 1611, but Krakow remained the capital of the kingdom till the late 18th century. Today Warsaw is the capital of Poland, but Krakow is still considered the cultural capital. And it did appeal to me, it was rich in music and the arts in general. The sections we saw of the city were only a slice of life, but I experienced it as very bohemian (wonderful), free thinking, and a place of learning. If I had to relocate to Poland I would certainly choose to live in Krakow, I felt at home, as if there were kindred spirits roaming there.




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The Stump

What would you see in a tree stump? One where the tree had fallen in a storm, one that was in a strip of wasteland, the road verge on the edge of a rest stop on a country highway? Some people see firewood, others wood chips, a garden prop perhaps, or just a nuisance. But some see potential, some see art.


I took this photo last week on my fortnightly trip from Bunbury to Albany. The stump sits at the northern end of the rest stop right on the intersection of Albany Highway and Martagallup Road (the way to Frankland River). I spied it the trip before but was tied up in traffic and a yearning for home. This time I made time to stop and take the pic and to admire the work. I was blown away that someone would stop here and take the trouble to produce this carving, beautifying this very ordinary space, and bringing the creative dimension to every passerby. A gift to the community. More I say.



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Everyone has to be somewhere. Some of us are privileged to be able to choose where we live, others are directed by work, family, study, many by income or lack thereof. Undoubtedly, the world is not a fair place by any stretch of the imagination. I was brought to Australia by my parents who were seeking a better future for their three children. A better future in schooling, post secondary, for better health, and for a better climate. That was achieved, and thankfully so. The real bonus is that my parents chose the west, and that has, for me been the cherry.  If I were to choose another state and city it would be Adelaide. But although I love Perth, I prefer being out in the country.

The photo is of the city of Perth looking out over the Swan River from the South Perth foreshore. Perth is a modern city, a young city historically, and very small by world standards. I love this particular city. I lived there in my teens, and we came back to this city when I retrained for a few years. I now live much further south in small rural city, and one that is equally worth more than just an existance. I’m particular about the West for living, and especially the South West. The biodiversity, the rare ecospheres, the climate, the people and the places. Wonderful.



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From Youtube, an excerpt from the doco ‘It Might Get Loud’ featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White.

This gives a few seconds of that iconic riff from ‘Whole Lotta Love’ which filled the airwaves 1969. Simple but yet inspiring, when I first heard it I couldn’t stop moving to the riff.

Riff also brings me back to wonderful conversations. To riff on someone or their contribution to a conversation is to build, diverge or dip into that conversation. Like when you have that meaningful moment in a group where everyone is excited, not competing, but really contributing and enjoying each other. Riffing requires openness and patience, respect. It’s worth it because the result is connection, growth and fun. Its even better with good food and wine, but its main ingredient is willing journey friends. And the riff of conversation can move me even more than a guitar riff, it goes deeper.



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