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Floating – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” Milan Kundera


I'm so light,
effortlessly, peacefully floating,
letting my feelings surface,
holding my thoughts,
entertaining possibilities,
buying nothing,
allowing nothing to form me,
needing no permissions,
unconstrained, weightless,
so delicious to hold the key
that is a life-giving secret,
to share it now would undo
its energy and hold the dream
captive that needs to be free.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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To Trace – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“A carefree letting go of oneself, not a caution, but a wise blindness.” Rainer Maria Rilke

To Trace

To trace the colours of feeling,
the very flowers of poetry,
through psychic fonts, those
heralds of incomplete meaning
interrupted only by exceptions,
the dispossession of intention
swallowed in the jouissance of hope
lurking in the shadow edge
of the sun's haunting and delicious 
space in that uncrowded halycon hour.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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