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Not what you’d expect on a bush walk, but this isn’t just any bush walk, this is the Northcliffe Sculpture Walk, a trail set in the bush. This piece is a section of stone, beuatifully etched – sandblasted.


Colourful ladders.

This was a community initiated art project, and it asked artists, writers, musicians, to respond to the forrest using their chosen media. It provides two aspects the natural and the created within one gallery. It’s well worth the hour or more, the surprises just keep coming, and it is a refreshing idea.



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‘Composition 1V’ 1911, by Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) one of many painters who was a part of the vibrant Expressionist movement and who worked in expressionism. This was the use of distortion and exaggeration, and intense colour, for emotional effect. The movement was all about subjective and spontaneous self-expression.


And nature does a fabulous job, it can express too, the pastiche of intense colour, abstract, and emotive, is a natural and living expressionist painting.



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Some people worry about Dingoes, and feel it is too risky to be around them. This one came to us at Kathleen Springs. They’re bigger than a Kelpie or a Border Collie, but not by much. Definitely doesn’t have the power jaw of an Alsatian or a Doberman, and tends to saunter rather than run. This was no different to the other Dingoes we encountered. Small, lean, wary, timid but not frightened (too used to human presence nowadays), not aggressive in any way. Certainly not a risk.



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I grew up in semi-rural Nottinghamshire, I loved country rambling, exploring streams and ponds, groves of trees and the farms at the end of our encroaching housing estate. Migrating to Australia, I was hampered by urban living, country trips were rare even though my father loved them.

When I married Lyn we moved to her family home in the shire of Northam, a farming property. I succumbed to the charm of country living immediately, and we ventured far and wide across the wheatbelt. Eventually covering most of the southern half of Western Australia. There are still some roads to go down, but I recently highlighted the roads I have been down and its more than a few, partly because I take the road less travelled (to reference one of my fave poets Robert Frost).

I see the open road, and I’m immediately drawn. I succumb to the urge to go and look, to explore, to ramble on as the song says (Led Zeppelin: ‘Ramble On’). The more I look at this photo the more I want to just set off.



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Lake Muir. Lake?? No water here and hasn’t been water this far across the lake in years. A bit of a fraud? I’m looking out from the bird hide/viewing deck. There was a sliver of water visible in the distance as the sun caused it to shine. Lake Muir is typical of Australian lakes in that it is rainfall dependent. So it’s not really a fraud! There is indeed a lake out there, but not where I am standing. This fooled some of the early settlers who often referred to our lakes as swamps, completely misunderstanding their makeup, they shrink, they expand, they even shift slightly each year. This had serious consequences for environmental protection in the early years of the colony as swamps were seen as insignificant and could be filled in, used as rubbish dumps and built over. A travesty of justice.

Fortunately Lake Muir was declared by the state government a significant wetland in 1980 and sustains diverse flora and fauna life forms, including large numbers of the Australian Shelduck, as well as feeding into the Frankland River and Deep River systems. Lake Muir also consists of several perimeter wetlands. In 2001 it was named as a Ramsar site of international significance, and as a result it is now protected.



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This remnant of fallen bough lying in a paddock for maybe thirty years, termites, borers, slaters, ants, wind, frost, rain, and sun, all taking their toll on this piece of wood. Once alive and elastic, now reduced to a core, the juice of life gone. Earth to earth …. elastic no more, yet in its own way, giving back, enabling elasticity in the soil through nutrients and fiber. Not bouncing back but giving life.


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There’s No Denying It!

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There’s no denying it, surely you too can see the face on this rock on Beringbooding Rock. We went up there some time back, around 2008, and stayed at a wonderful farm stay called Watson’s Way. The owners suggested we go and have a wander round the local feature called Beringbooding Rock, a granite rock used from the 1930s as a water catchment site. They also suggested that we look out for this rock which has the side profile of a face, which can only be seen from this angle. It had a local nickname, but I can’t remember it, something like ‘John’s Nose’ or the like, well there he is, looking out on his domain.


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