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If Only – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Quadrille #72 – dversepoets – Steep


Photo: cloud, mist and rain over Bluff Knoll.


If Only

The rise sounds easy,
but the elevation compounds,
and my backpack weighs heavily,
as I clamber and scramble,
shin barked and breathless,
inching towards my goal,
O if only I’d taken the escalator
for this steep ascent,
the office to which I’m bound.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Jumbuck Blues – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Waltzing – Word of the Day



Jumbuck Blues

Forget that bloody sheep Matilda,
it’ll be the death of me,
besides, the billabong’s a little crowded and all,
so let’s split for somewhere quiet,
we’ll go to Carpentaria and boil some roo tail soup,
or perhaps to Kununurra and pick some bush tucker fruits,
maybe down to Port Augusta and throw a line or two,
I’ve a hankering for fish and eggs,
no jumbuck now for me.
Now, I’ve packed me swag and all,
and my nose is pointed down the road,
so, waddya say there Tilly,
shall we waltz the night to somewhere,
anywhere but here?

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Sublime Irony – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Stillness – VJs Weekly Challenge #32


Photo: looking out over the breakaway at Jindalee, such a peaceful place to camp.

“I have often wondered whether especially those days when we are forced to remain idle are not precisely the days spent in the most profound activity.”   Rainer Maria Rilke


Sublime Irony

The nothingness of stillness
is the something of me
that is wellness gifted inside,
a sublime irony,
where less is more,
and fuel for the rigours of day.
A day without still
is a faustian madness,
that sucks all the life out of me,
but to sit in the bush,
or the quiet of somewhere,
profoundly restores me to me,
and it helps me to topsy
as I turvey this world.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Treasures – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Traditions – Word of the Day






It began with a beginning
as these things often do,
when we made ourselves a something,
from a timeless recipe of note,
with ingredients at random like
a kiss inviting more,
a touch electrifying with longing,
a gaze that touched our soul,
a word that sang our heart,
and folding all with love,
these are the rituals of our sacred trysts,
traditions born of loving,
treasures to be held.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Did We? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Holiday – Word of the Day


Camped at Docker River, later dingoes would prowl close for scraps.


Did We?

Will it rain?
Will it be Hot?
Hats, shorts and bathers,
sunblock, and snorkel,
raincoats and jumpers.
Did we pack the wine,
books and cashews,
the phonecharger?
Have I put socks in?
Where’s the credit card?
Hope there’s enough petrol.
Water bottle? Oh yes, it’s in the back.
Did I leave the iron on?
Oh come on, for goodness sakes,
we’ll never get away!

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Serenity – foto fun

Serenity – foto fun



Sunset at Jindalee, looking east. Always serene in the bush.




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Endless – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Infinity – Word of the Day


Buzz Lightyear might have said about the outback, “To infinity and beyond.” It certainly stretches out on the Great Central Road. This photo – on the way to Warakurna.


Perhaps love can be likened to an outback road
that stretches out endlessly,
beckoning discovery and adventure,
where nothing is fixed,
where bends and rises amplify curiosity,
and horizons become goals,
some never reached,
but always dreamed,
always held,
as the road leads ever on.
Perhaps love, like and outback road,
is endless, beckoning,
and held.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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We Need A Bridge – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

RDP Tuesday – Bridge


The River Walk, along the Blackwood River, Augusta. It crosses a tiny winter creek, and preserves its integrity from too much foot and bike wear.



We Need A Bridge

in someone’s mind,
there’s always a gap,
a troubled melange of uncertainty,
that slowly gnaws at the bone
of contentment.
And so a trickle of doubt
becomes a torrent,
becomes a flood,
and life becomes
complicated, dual, tiresome,
forever seeking what it will never find,
always looking in the wrong places.
Simply, the mind needs a bridge to the heart,
that there might then be a bridge
to the other.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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Down-Payment – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Sequester – Word of the Day


Windy Harbour, looking westward along the south coast.


Slowly fast we went
and sequestered time,
and left the rush of real life,
where devices twitter perched on data trees,
and slamming doors and ring tones
signal anxious rush to drudge.
We put a down-payment on us,
and floated to the sea,
to taste the salt in the air,
to feel the sand between our toes,
to smell the wattle and friends,
make garlands of seaweed,
and listen to the wisdom of birds,
and wonder, is water the same
yesterday, today and tomorrow?
It was only a day,
but it felt like more,
and I feel younger now,
O to drown in that sea.

©Paul Vincent Cannon



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Of Kith And Kin – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Kin – Word of the Day


Taken recently at the Bunbury Wetlands (Big Swamp), mother and children 🙂


Of Kith And Kin

Of kith and kin
and shared blood,
resembling much likeness,
yet only in the heart of hearts,
for all else is naught,
save for the love I have for all
living things,
kindred spirits
in this great adventure of life,
where all things are my cousins.

©Paul Vincent Cannon




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