Are We? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“The secret to your purpose is to find what you feel is important, and not pursue what others would think is important.” Shannon L. Alder

Are We?

As epochs pass,
as eras change and
axial ages transition,
are we just pawns in a 
world kaleidoscope of
evolving shapes and ideas,
or are we actors in a process
of self-determination?
Do we really decide who we are ,
does the fine print of living make sense?
can we be separate from the 
world of events from around us?
Are we real in our moment of time?

Copyright 2023 ©️Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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26 responses to “Are We? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Or are we exactly how we imagine ourselves to be?

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  2. Good questions I have no answers for.

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  3. When confronting yes/no questions I always like to play with “both” as an answer… 😊

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  4. I’ve been asking myself the very same question lately.

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  5. Real but also really insignificant in the “evolving shapes and ideas”… or so it seems!!

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  6. Too long since visiting, and this is a delightful return. Just finished Sapiens and this has been big in my mind too. I think it’s both. Not pawns insomuch as sticks on a river we may have designed before we ventured here. The stick has recourse, always, to change course but it’s probably tougher than it looks. Luckily we, having arms and legs, can swim a bit better than a stick. ♥.

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  7. Yes! My daughter gave it to me two years ago at Christmas but I had such bad cataracts I couldn’t see even the biggest number on the eye chart. Just a grey blur. I had two surgeries in December and new eyes. Finally got to read it this year. Took a while though wow. Had to let my brain cool down. ^^ ♥.

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    • Ha, yes, it is very dense work, yes, I needed to process it.

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      • I shared this on in celebration of poetry month. Then I saw another poetry site that warned against reproducing full versions of their poems without permission. I’ve lived in a “giftivism” community for so long that the way we share our creative work (for use anywhere but commercial to anyone) that I forgot proper etiquette in the real world of writers. It’s one I’m trying to learn. Please forgive me, Paul. I’ve removed it until you’ve given permission. Lesson learned (ask first). ♥. Niki

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      • O, permission granted, thank you Niki 🙂

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  8. Whew! Thanks so much! ♥.

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  9. lync56

    Good question


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