I Knew – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Image by Aleksandr Sobolev from Pixabay

“Any one who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.” Shira Tamir

I Knew

The clitter-clatter 
sounded like the beginning
of an applause building,
but as I looked up I knew
it was just the dry leaves
skittering and scuttering along,
dancing the car park with the 
playful wind pushing and pulling,
round and round until all was a
swirl of noise and colour,
and when the wind went home,
the leaves rested on the ground 
once more.

Copyright 2023 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


Filed under awareness, Free Verse, nature, poem, quote, seasons

15 responses to “I Knew – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. That is the real Truth!

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  3. I often spend a while if waiting for a ride seeing this dance❤️

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  4. I love the scene your poem so vividly paints (and sounds!).

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  5. lync56

    Beautiful poem of an ethereal experience


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  6. when the wind went home… I so love that!

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