Her Own Work – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

“We imagine that we want to escape our selfish and commonplace existence, but we cling desperately to our chain.” Anne Sullivan

Her Own Work

She lived in a shell
of safety and hide,
a place to huddle,
though her body had shrunk
to the bones of her lies,
and she carried a mantra
just behind her eyes
that spoke of her life,
stories invented to win
over the unknowing crowd,
lines of indulgence,
the self to protect,
a rebuttal, retort,
you don't know what it's like
was her constant refrain.

Copyright 2023 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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8 responses to “Her Own Work – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Male or female, young or old, far right or far left, rich or poor. Universal truth about many but not all.

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  2. What a sad existence. I would not want to know this person.

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  3. Seems like the old adage “You made your bed, lie in it.” works here.


  4. lync56

    Wow great poem – very cathartic I would presume – so well written


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