Unsettled – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Image by Anja from Pixabay 

“The wind shows us how close to the edge we are.” Joan Didion


There are many things that unsettle me,
a gnawing sense of missing a commitment,
the arrival of those letters with a window,
running low on fuel out in the bush,
a visit to the dentist,
but nothing compares to the southerlies
that assault our house
rattling the eaves and raking the roof,
pushing on the glass,
sneaking through door frames,
bending trees,
interrupting sleep,
stealing summer,
surely a wind has other places to visit?

Copyright 2023 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All rights Reserved ®️ 


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30 responses to “Unsettled – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautiful. I love the sound of the wind, not so much the destruction that sometimes comes with it, which brings the unsettled feeling you so well describe. I think you are missing an “are” in your first line.


  2. Universal and natural!


  3. Your poem captures that unsettled feeling very well. The wind as metaphor for feeling unsettled by external forces over which we have no control is perfect.


  4. I also have trouble collecting serenity on windy days. When I had no shelter at all I got through the cold, pain, humiliation, all of it, right to toxic shock and near death ~ but it was the wind which always finally reduced me to tears.

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  5. Better there than here😂

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  6. ~just a thought

    Interesting poetry, and good relay of change in concern with the latter-described, present and physical reality as opposed to the former imagined potentials …relatable imagery, beautiful photo.

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  7. I have never been out in the bush, but it doesn’t sound like a good place to be when you are running out of fuel.

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  8. lync56

    You wrote this for me I think – yes it is very unsettling and is robbing me of my much beloved summer days


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  9. The wind in and of itself does not unsettle me … it’s those tornado sirens that unsettle me most!

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