The Tree Root – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

“It seemed to me that some things were ugly enough that fixing them was worth trespassing.” Brenna Yovanoff

The Tree Root

It started with a tree root,
which required much thought,
not unlike a military strategy
to follow the mischief imagined,
and, sure enough
it leapt through the garden edging
and, characteristically, it ran
shallow through the lawn,
around the water pipe,
the reticulation pipe,
requiring much surgery,
then under the paving,
pushing up, up, up
till we tripped and stumbled
then down, down, down
into the drain and
round, round, round
in a frenzy through and through
in a confusion inviting reconstruction,
out and along the border garden,
clogging the soil,
refusing the spade,
out to the fence and
under the weak spot
reordering its level before
heading off to the curb.
What seemed like a five minute job,
became a plumber,
a reticulation expert,
some brick-paving,
a little edging,
lawn repair,
fixing a drain,
realigning a fence,
some swearing,
much money,
and that's not the end of this story.

Copyright 2023 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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13 responses to “The Tree Root – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Roots of the trees are the most powerful ‘ lives ‘ in this world!
    But you conquered!😊

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  2. That was one recalcitrant root!

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  3. The weaving of the life of a root, like it☺️

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  4. Something to think about. Well done Paul.

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  5. lync56

    This put a smile on my face as I remembered this composite of this experience or experiences


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