Poems From The Night Sky – prosery by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Linda is hosting Prosery (144 words) with an invitation to write using the line “In the street of the sky night scattering poems.” from ‘Tulips and Chimneys’ by e.e. cummings.

dVerse Poets – Prosery – Tulips and Chimneys

Photo: EvgeniT at pixabay.com

“Poetry and beauty are always making peace. When you read something beautiful you find coexistence; it breaks wall down.” Mahmoud Darwish

Poems From The Night Sky

I look for the day as if I were a village watchman tired of his shift, having danced with the moon and the stars, ready to drop. The goats stir not. The sky is clear. The only cloud is in my heart which moods a longing for resolution for feelings I cannot as yet name. But would I name it anyway? Not immediately. Surely longing is a kind of ecstasy that when ended leaves an emptiness? who knows? But I am not ready to address this, for I do not know yet what it is.

What I do know, or rather, what I can do, is hymn the night sky and listen to its wisdom, see its language of beauty, its rhyme of reason. There, then, I will open, for in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems that will set me free.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon

All Rights Reserved ®️


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14 responses to “Poems From The Night Sky – prosery by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I would say this one is a prose poem with echoes of saudade. The use of language is exquisite.

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  2. VJ

    Have to agree with Liz. What would be life with out yearning for an unknown quantity?

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  3. Beautiful Paul. Yearning is what keeps our dreams alive. I love your story.

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  4. This is wonderfully poetic, Paul.

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  5. lync56

    Wow such beautiful words


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  6. Thank you for sharing. I love it. Your photos are stunningly beautiful 🥰


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