One Day – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: BBC Gardener’s World Forum

“… flowers fall amid our longing and weeds spring up amid our antipathy.” Dogen

One Day

There's a corner of my garden where I nurture neglect,
not much grows there except tenacious weeds
who are visited by long draughts of distant leaves,
where the sod is stiff and unresponsive,
cluttered with roots and lost aspirations,
a vacuous plot of hopes and dreams that mock my inertia,
clouded by dark towering shrubs that refuse to light my way,
leaving no room for change,
sucking my energy just to look at it,
putting it off to another day, 
a years delay,
well one day, 
I will transform it.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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34 responses to “One Day – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I prefer a natural garden, not liking sculptured bushes etc


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  2. Well, for too many, of course, that part of the garden is nearly all the garden, eh?

    But in your case, I think it may be that you should leave that little corner as it is, because the rest of your garden is so beautiful that, without that little patch, it will not be able to remain on the ground but will take off in flight like the most beautiful of magic carpets…

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  3. I like to think of my gardening efforts as benign neglect.

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  4. Wild weeds, at least interesting for insects.

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  5. These wilderness areas are there to protect the smaller critters, to give them shelter and food, and some animals recognise the smell of the ‘weeds’ to use for medication. Losing them all would take away their right to life. One little corner …

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  6. Nothing ugly about a wild garden. Fix it up if you must but wild is good too. Scatter some wild flowers’ seeds and you’ll be all set, me thinks so. It’ll take care of itself. Black eye Susan’s are good for such a place — just sayin’ 😉 blessings to you. XoXo

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  7. Amy

    I, too, prefer nature garden. A veggie garden would be great. 🙂

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  8. As long you have the resolve, you’ll get it done…. One day

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  9. Give the nature the duty of caring for itself. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, Paul! xx Michael

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  10. MY garden here at the flats is a 4″ brown plastic pot, Paul. One day, I’ll put something in it. I keep thinking about trying a growbag you know. Hehe!
    I liked this one, my appreciation for it.

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    • You know of what I speak, you neglect the pot too, but for good reason no doubt. Ha, yes growbags, just plonk them down and chuck the plants or seeds in. (visions of the Triffids)


  11. Your words make me wonder. Is it a corner of my garden or is it the dark corner within myself? Neither should be neglected or constantly pushed away for another day.

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  12. This well-crafted poem would guilt me, Paul, except for the fact that I did pull a few weeds out of the rock mulch this morning! I’m with Selma. Black-Eyed-Susans and other wildflowers would be delightful!

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  13. Looks perfect as it is! Lovely poem too ! Thank you

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