Recentered – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Koorda Wildflower Reserve, the sun setting in the west.

“Find your center and stay there. It will allow you to live your life to its maximum.” Barbara Ann Kipfer


When the heft is hard and the cost too high
I retreat to the wilding of the bush,
where the tracks are narrow,
no neon to light the scrub that 
rings the ageless lichened granite,
raw places of song-larks, echidnas,
goannas along the winter creeks who draw 
down the crisp morning air with a crackle,
and evening's dappled light amidst the trees
is such joy I forget myself and I am recentered 
once again.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️


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22 responses to “Recentered – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. A perfect Ahhhh poem . . .

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  2. the perfect tonic, so glad you took time out!

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  3. Wooooooowwwww…Truly!! If The COST of Living Is High, Even Its Peace! Got To Relocate To More Conservative And Affordable Location💯

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  4. We must all find a place of peacefulness to find restoration of body and spirit.

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  5. A new meaning of setaside. I like it. Gald to be able to get back on the WP Reader again, mate!

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    • You’ve had your eye surgery?

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      • Nope, still waiting to get on the list officially… no, sorry that’s wrong, Paul. It took me over a year of assessements and suitability tests (8), and I am now (2 months ago, officially on the waiting list.
        Does that sound right? Hehe!
        S after waiting being assesses, finally I’m accepted on the list. Which according to the NHS site, averages 6>14 months. But I was warned by the final decider lady, that with my mishaped cornea, “They will have to make one so it fits on the eye, “and may mean a longer wait for you”
        Well, fancy that!
        Good news on the hearing aid front; I got some batterries from Amazon, made by Duracell – they have handkng tabs stuck on each battery, that make it so much easier for me to fit them in… expensive of course. Yesterday when they arrived, I changed the batteries, doing the secind aid, I got the neurotranmitters jerking – and still managed with the tabs, to get them in without dropping them – A little victory there! Hehe!
        Hope you are okay out there, my cyber friend?

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      • I’m doing well (touches head for wood). what a mess the west ended up in. There we were in the brave post sixties and everything was coming to the fore, available, affordable, and just as suddenly it all went.

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      • It’s scary Paul, the cost and conditions of living. The flowers I buy for the Wardens, were £3 a bumch for months, then last month up to £5… today… £6! The veggie-burgers started off at £1-50, now £2.99! I’m depressing myself now. Tsk!
        Last night was a shocl for me, mate. I watched Par;iament in action on the BBC… What the hells happening? People starving, dying, desperate, Covid returning, Putin carries on unhindered, cost-living increas the biggest ever, and they put up the price of prescriptions! Gotten Himmel and Gragknangles!
        I wondered about wood in the brain… it seems others are catching it too? Hahaha!
        Depressed? Me?

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      • Much to be down about, my mother who is 92, said it reminded her of the 1930s, so a bit of a worry.

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      • Bless her, she should know, Paul.

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  6. lync56

    Oh Yes – so very true and words crafted superbly


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