Tomorrow – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

“You can’t strategise falling in love, can You? It’s never worked …. because you can’t predict these things. You fall in love serially.” Meryl Streep


I fell in love for the first time tomorrow,
a sense of transcending all my yesterdays,
of which little remains and where everything
is experienced as gone, done, and yet
the tomorrows of today are but the 
todays of yesterday, and so I find myself
ever falling in love as if it were for the 
very first time tomorrow which becomes 
today, and then yesterday, but always

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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19 responses to “Tomorrow – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

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  2. Whew! This one’s a mind-bender.

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  3. This is a surreal piece (style of writing wise) but it makes sense. I understood it as love being a timeless feeling, pulling you to the eternal now where tomorrows, yesterdays and todays meet.

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    • Dear Paul,

      I concur with Nitin. As usual, I enjoyed every one of your thoughtful poems. Thank you.

      Falling in love aside, there is much more in your poem for further considerations. For example, even though today is perpetually flanked by yesterday and tomorrow, it is ephemeral. “Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow” can be a shorthand for “The Present, Past and Future”, where change is the only constant. To give us an opportunity to appreciate and discuss about change even more deeply and from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, I would like to refer you to my detailed analyses and extended discussions published in the concluding section of my very long and analytical post entitled “🔄📈📉 Change Rules and Moment Matters: How to Stay in the Moment 🔖🕰️🔂“.

      In addition, I have touched on many issues in my multipronged discussions on process philosophy (also known as processism, philosophy of organism, or ontology of becoming) in relation to change, causality, (in)determinism, metaphysical reality, stoic philosophy as well as the philosophy of space and time, in the said concluding section, which is available for your perusal at

      Once again, I commend you for composing this thought-provoking poem. May you and Nitin have a lovely week ahead in which to fall in love every day.

      Yours sincerely,

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    • Yes, it is indeed that very thing, thank you Nitin for drawing that out so clearly.

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  4. Love the quote and the poem.

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  5. Despite my dementia and problems with dates, time and numbers, I got this, and loved it, mate!

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  6. lync56

    A mind twister about love


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