Accepting The Tears – Prosery by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Sarah is hosting Prosery (144 words of prose) with an invitation to use a line from a poem by Michael Donaghy called ‘Liverpool.’

The line offered is: “she’d had it sliced away leaving a scar.”

dVerse Poets – Prosery – Slices and Scars

Photo: A tree wound healing.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi

Accepting The Tears

Unnerving she thought, when we realise how parallels weave their way through our lives. Here among her trees she was confronted with last autumn's pruning. The liquid amber had suffered in the winds and one of its beautifully shaped branches had split and she'd had it sliced away leaving a scar where the limb had once protruded. She hadn't connected it before, but at the same time her father had died. Only now she sensed that she had a scar of grief about her, the tears welled as she remembered the pain she'd excised. She touched the healed callus fibres and felt the ridge where the cut had been, noticing the feelings in herself. The tree was making good progress. Not that she wasn't, but she felt the rawness of the premature cut, maybe now was the time to feel, to finally accept the tears.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®️ 


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34 responses to “Accepting The Tears – Prosery by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Mission accomplished, Paul. Lovely poem.

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  2. Beautiful reflection.

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  3. What a wonderful take on the line, Paul. We each took ours to similar places. Trees are underrated in so many ways. They are witnesses and teachers.

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  4. This is very beautiful – the parallel works so well. I found it very moving, and so well detailed.

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  5. This is very good. I loved how the pruning helped her find herself again by letting herself grieve instead of keeping it bottled in. The images and the parallels are brilliant.

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  6. Very moving, Paul. Well done.

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  7. A distillation of numberless hours spent ministering to the sorrows of your fellowman, eh, Paul?

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  8. Sometimes the only way to heal is to let out your emotions.

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  9. beautiful Paul. Acceptance takes years sometimes. Nicely done!

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  10. This is beautiful, so moving.

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  11. t

    This was extremely moving and close to my heart; beautiful as always.

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  12. As others have said, very moving, Paul, and beautifully written. I love trees, too.

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  13. lync56

    Wow amazingly deep and beautiful poem


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