The Pain – Prose by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Lisa is hosting Prosery (144 words) with an invitation to respond to a line from a poem ‘Notes On Uvalde’ from Girl Du Jour. To read that full poem follow the link below. The line offered is “These are the things they don’t tell us”

dVerse Poets – Prosery – How Many More Will It Take?

Photo: (found on Bing) High school students in the US protesting gun violence.

“This is the ultimate weakness of violence: It multiplies evil and violence in the world. It doesn’t solve any problems.” Martin Luther King Jr

The Pain

I grew up torn by love, when the world was bruised by war and violence I was in pain, and I still am. When people are marginalised, hated and discriminated against I hurt too. Sometimes my anger boils in frustration. Why? Why can’t women determine their bodies? Who decides someones sexuality? Why Poverty? Why war? Why guns? Grief can be overwhelming even when it is vicarious. But we’re all in it together, it affects all.

The real pain of it all is the pain that comes from love, compassion and empathy. The alternative is to stoop into that gutter I am calling out. There is a cost to positive, non-violent action, to standing with the underdog, to protest, to speak out. Sometimes the cost is loneliness, sometimes it is wrangling with the impotence to effect change. These are the things they don’t tell us.

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22 responses to “The Pain – Prose by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. You are right Paul, ambivalence and activism are a double-edged sword. We are living in a time of Chaos.

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  2. Yes, there is often a price and pain to stand up for what is good and do the hard things. A heart-felt post! 💓

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  3. This one really hit home.

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  4. There is pain in love. But the pain would be unbearable if love was abandoned.

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  5. It’s an important distinction you make about pain. There is the pain that ripples out from violence upon others because pain somehow justifies evil acts in the mind of the perpetrator. Then there is the pain of empathizing and advocating for less acts of violence that leads to healing and a healthier community. I just notice that heal and health both have the same root ❤

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  6. Well done. And yes it is.

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  7. Very true words. Nobody wants to think of that cost.

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  8. It’s the only way to accept reality.

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  9. lync56

    Love this prose – very true


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