How Long? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Ukraine invaded by Russia – Mariupol suffers heavy shelling.

“Evil thrives on apathy and cannot exist without it.” Hannah Arendt

How Long?

I felt it coming from my depths,
a murmuration of emotions
rising like leviathan from the roiling sea
of frustration, pacing the bounds of
disgust, wanting to act, not knowing 
how, stooping to the gutter of evil
thoughts, naming the perpetrators 
as if they were alone, singular, in 
their vile behaviour, ignoring the
complicity of humanity in all that 
we do as blame feels weightless,
an expiation of our own powerlessness,
an acknowledgment of the thuggery 
before us, which ever remains as 
I remain, waiting for something,
anything, to happen which might
be an end of this war.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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29 responses to “How Long? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. It’s like you’re right inside my head with this one, Paul.

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  2. Too long

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  3. VJ

    Such vile goings on. You nailed it.

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  4. Well-said, Paul! I wrote a very harsh poem to Putin, then discarded it, not because he didn’t deserve it, but because that is not who I want to be. It is discouraging enough to know of the corruption and blunders of my own country. I am sure that is the case everywhere to some degree. Yes, I hope the war ends soon! ❤

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    • We live in a time of petulant egotists, immature demagogues, I think we all want a more grown up world, and yes wherever we live there is someone who is in the way of maturity. Corruption is everywhere.

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  5. Its a horrible time and a much more horrible situation, for all outside the big politics. xx Michael

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  7. You convey the feelings of helplessness and frustration many of us are feeling. Great stuff. Also many thanks for the follow.

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