Everything – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Everyone is an ocean inside.” Khaled Hosseini


I want to sit in the light,
to know what slices darkness
and why the sun laughs out loud,
to untie the knot of oppression 
for all who pass along this way,
to understand, that as my skin 
holds my innards, what holds 
the wriggling, translucent bag
of emotions from spilling out,
and would it matter if they did,
spilling might be good, not
everything can be held long in
perfect balance, but everything
can be given time to distill,
even resolve, if not fully, at
the very least, just a feeling 
of being at one with everything.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved®


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28 responses to “Everything – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. You really spilled your guts with this poem Paul.

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  2. scotthastiepoet

    Hey there Paul, This is great – a very lively and rather original way of tackling these deep topics, commonly documented by poets like us!

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  3. Beautiful lines ! So touchy thanks for sharing 😊👍

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  4. Very nice, well done Paul.

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  5. I’ll take a slice of darkness!

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  6. I am inline with your philosophy here, Paul: a viscerally thought-provoking poem!

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  7. I love your wonderful words that are felt in my heart when reading them Paul.

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  8. “…just a feeling / of being at one with everything.” Ahh…

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  9. Love the thoughts here… i wonder if we can manage the challenge of being one with everything…

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  10. We must give it a go at the very least, but I suspect not.


  11. And sometimes we reach a breaking point.

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