Being Shelfish – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Grace is hosting Poetry Form with an invitation to write a synchronicity poem (for more detail, click the link below), eight lines 8-8-2 syllable form, last two verses twist.

dVerse Poets – Poetry Form – Synchronicity

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“Books are uniquely portable magic.” Stephen King

Being Shelfish 

He was completely devoted,
ever the blind doting partner,
long held.

His love utterly unquestioned,
her many wishes his desire,
so fete.

Summer disposition so clear,
holiday lovers in a rash,

Sneaking beyond all the confines,
cigarettes and liquor hidden,

Looking out for the prying elders,
those green lemon suckers defiled,
by love.

His hands wandered her ample scape,
her body given to his touch,
so played.

She loved this game above all else,
the same every Thursday reading,

She loved those torrid romance books,
her florid face library bid,

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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29 responses to “Being Shelfish – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I hope she is not the stereotype frustrated librarian who looks for her novel lover.

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  2. I love this line: “His hands wandered her ample scape,” Great twist also.

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  3. Loved this

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  4. As your poem so deftly describes, “shelfish” is a delightful place to be.

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  5. I love reading those torrid romance books. Good twist to the poem too! Thanks for joining in.

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  6. incredibly clever and unexpected to me, Paul! well done!!

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  7. Those romance books can be such a great escape from a harsher reality

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  8. sanaarizvi

    This is absolutely stellar writing, Paul! 😀 I especially like; “His hands wandered her ample scape.”❤️❤️

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