But There It Was – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“Don’t mess with the boxes just yet ….” from Murval

But There It Was

In my mind it was in the medium sized box,
but on further investigation it wasn't there,
so I tried the big box, the other big box, 
the little box, and nothing, retracing my 
steps, memories flooding back, different 
space same experience, always the hunting,
almost certain, confused, tired, hopeful,
almost giving up, but there it was, right at
the bottom of that first box.

Copyright 2022 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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26 responses to “But There It Was – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Funny how that always seems to happen. And a very apt metaphor!

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  2. Yes.. I was about to say the same. I feel like this applies to me personally.

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  3. Your efforts were rewarded.

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  4. Wow! it sounds very familiar. Human nature.

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  5. I love the metaphor too, Paul! Sorry, i am a little bit late with this, but let me wish you a happy and blessed New Year! xx Michael

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  6. Oh, how I can relate to this…on many levels and ways.

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  7. Charis Counselling

    Ahh yes


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