Such Is The Nature Of This World – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Brida-Starright

“Because sometimes people who seem good end up being not as good as you might have hoped for.” Jonathan Safran Foer

Such Is The Nature Of This World

Not in a sheet-metal way,
but every junta is happily
into the fabrications business,
catering mostly to the facade.
industry covering over non-conformist
tendencies, critical thinking,
avenues of expansive thought,
playing the bunting safe in mono,
such is the nature of this world,
there is always an abundance 
of mannequins, compliant, willing,
ready to dress themselves in 
manufactured patterns of 
something called truth.

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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19 responses to “Such Is The Nature Of This World – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. We are overrun by them

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  2. And then there are the confirming nonconformists.


  3. Oh, no! Not more mannequinns. We have an overpopulation of them at the moment, it seems! So cleverly written, Paul. I guess we might as well laugh. It’s pretty hard to get through to a mannequin. 🙂


  4. A wonderful poem. I didn’t really even need to read the news tonight (or any night) in my country–This poem says it all…


  5. Yes, so true. There’s an imbalance in the ratio. But the ‘others’ — us, we — are still here. Let’s not forget. Let’s not let them dim our light. Inner light.
    Those mannequins will grow old one day, that’s why we need to keep doing what we’re doing to right the imbalance.
    Sorry, I said too much. This is how much this spoke to me. Thank you, Paul. Happy holidays.


  6. truth exposed through mannequins might never get through but it sure was clever creative poem Paul! 💖


  7. Charis Counselling

    powerful poem – well done



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