Poem accepted

My poem ‘As Before’ was published recently in the delightful publication Spillwords (which many of you know and read), you can read the poem here:

As Before – at – Spillwords

Kind regards,



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39 responses to “Poem accepted

  1. And what a beautiful piece of work it is!

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  2. Beautiful! Congratulations!

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  3. Very well written! Congratulations my dear friend!

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  4. Just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Congratulations Paul! Well written!

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  6. As always….very well written, Paul.

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  7. This is beautiful, Congratulations!

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  8. Wonderful! Congratulations.

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  9. Amy

    Congratulations, Paul. Thank you for the link!

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  10. Congratulations on your publication, Paul! I was particularly struck by the poem’s use of “smudged,” which usually has a negative connotation.

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  11. Ohmg.. Adorable .. Worth a read.. Is there a procedure to get ur work published at such amazing platforms. I too write poems that are homemaker centric and would to.take my work further. Plz do visit my space weneva u find time and leave a feedback so i can try and reach as high as u, if not higher. Do find time and read my poetry at http://www.homemakersthehiddenforce.wordpress.com

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  12. What a beautiful poem, congratulations!

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