I Remember – Haibun by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Frank is hosting Haibun with an invitation to write about first day/returning to school.

dVerse Poets – Haibun – Back to School

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“I failed angst in high school. They let me graduate anyway.” John Scalzi

I Remember

Life was to be lived, no time for study or going to school.I could do the work but it disinterested me and I was more focussed on heading down town. Besides, the roll wasn't checked other than in the morning and after lunch, the pubs didn't worry about proof of age even for the floor show where Stephanie (who looked like Stevie Nicks) in fishnets gave us all her charms. While the newsagent proprietor eyed me carefully lest I would steal a magazine (how did he know?), I read them in store. And the billiard hall was a second home, while I listened to the top forty at Mills Record Bar in the high street every Friday.

Looking back it was the girls I remember most. Rita who was cool and charming, Hedda who dealt hash, lyn who was pregnant, and Leslie who cared, Hannah who seemed ten years older than all of us, and Romy who had a beautiful smile and wore no bra and whose skirt seemed non-existent. I hated school, it was a war zone, but I loved escaping down town, and most all, I remember the girls.

the ducks all gather
chickens return home to roost
night heron flies far away

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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56 responses to “I Remember – Haibun by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beverly Crawford

    I loved your haibun description of the girls, and your haiku is brilliant!! Bravo

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  2. Well, you did get an education in life! The memory and the poem work really well together in your haibun.

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  3. Stephanie (Nicks) in fishnet? What an image.
    And yes. We – all – remember the girls…

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    • Ah, a fellow traveller – how was Paris?

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      • Hectic a bit. Health pass not readily available to Frog citizens vaccinated abroad. 😡 Streets torn apart by public works. Electric scooters and bicycles loose everywhere… But the Seine and the “Bouquinistes” were still there.
        How are you guys doing Down Under?

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      • Well winter has been traditional breaking 90 year records for rain, and so many storms. Covid is contained here in the west, but in the east – Sydney and Melbourne, not so good. Sorry to hear that Parish was so chaotic.

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      • Chaos is the new order I guess. There was a book some time ago about the order of chaos? never got past the first few pages.
        Paris as elsewhere is a combination of growing madness and ignorance served by mentally limited politicos. The wine is still good. 😉🍷

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      • ah, the wine makes up for everything! I guess I think of chaos theory when chaos is mentioned.

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      • Did you read the book? (To me it felt like Kant so I dropped it) 😉

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      • I did, and it took me down that path of quarks, and also fractals, fabulous stuff. I think Kant would have eventually had a melt-down (Plato too) I found it fascinating. Eventually TV complimented it in popular culture with Dr. Who and Star Trek. I’ve always been attracted to the idea that apparent order comes from disorder and vice versa.

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      • It is a powerful and helpful concept. Heps you find outside the box, looking for structure in apparent chaos.
        Thinking about it, an example is market research. Hundreds of tables with hundreds of numbers. Information overload. But after a while you see patterns emerge. it’s what I told my excecs: to look for patterns in an ocean of numbers. And eventually it works: the data sepaks for itself. Cheers

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      • Ah, yes, the patterns. Thinking about that – fractals and fibonacci too.

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  4. This is why you are able to minister so well. Too many shepherds have never been a sheep and have no idea of a sheep’s motivations or experiences.

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  5. Oh you were a bad boy!  Just my type😂

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

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  6. So you escaped at least some of the indoctrination. I see now why you are a free thinker. Good for you. I dub your education Libido Learning 🙂

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  7. Well written Paul. For me, the prompt just triggered the current upset and disbelief I am unable to shake.

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  8. I remember you saying that you are a bird watcher Paul.


  9. Oh… you were one of those cool guys… I was more the little silent mouse who loved the classroom most.


  10. a misspent youth, that haiku predicts your escape! Yet you managed to knuckle down to study afterwards … what changed?

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    • I got a labouring job which I enjoyed very much, but I yearned to learn and so I studied part time at TAFE, and then I chose to go to Uni, enjoyed that because I was free to learn. I hate institutions and straightjackets (ironic). Wellspent youth I say 😉

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      • lol good for you!

        I was a goody two shoes, so didn’t even occur to me to skive off school. Had to pay board from 15 as ‘girls’ didn’t need an education, so worked and did HSC then travelled to more than 30 countries backpacking and camping. Before I did uni as a mature aged student …


  11. Wonderful, Paul! Its waking memories, and also bringing a smile. 😉 xx Michael

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  12. I feel angst everyday at school when punctuations are wrong or verbs are badly conjugated but laugh in glee when the students open up.
    Teaching is a rainbow vocation and school is ever the gateway to life.

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  13. I get this,Paul. I was out more than in . I have always had issues with control.

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  14. ogaraderrick

    School? What’s that!?

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  15. Nice memories and post

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