Poem For Ilhan Sami Comak – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: From peaceinkurdistancampaign.com The Kurdish poet Ilhan Sami Comak who has been imprisoned for 27 years on false charges – the European Court of Human rights has ruled that his conviction is unlawful.

“Books and all forms of writing are terror to those who wish to suppress the truth.” Wole Soyinka

Poem For Ilhan Sami Comak

Once there were two birds,
but isn't that always the case,
one came and sat at my window,
the other sat perched in a cage,
and though the one left the window
for the trees, it sang its freedom
in seeking my food, while the caged 
one had no such concern and gave 
itself instead to singing its freedom
to the world.

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®

For more on Ilhan Comak follow the links:


Global Voices

PEN International


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29 responses to “Poem For Ilhan Sami Comak – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Nice poem Paul and sadly so many of such political prisoners are in Indian jails. Goverment changes but the policies remains the same.

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  2. I love the metaphor you used to pay tribute to Ilhan Sami Comak.

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  3. Beautiful words to honor Ilhan Sami Comak and all who are falsely accused and imprisoned.

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  4. A wonderful poem, Paul! All states would enter the space, but they are not able to guarantee justice. xx Michael

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  5. an arrow straight to the heart Paul.. xo 💖💖💖

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  6. Charis Counselling

    Very interesting thought – I hope it is so


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  7. Excellent! ❤ loved it Paul!

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