Autumn’s Decision – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Photo: Farrel Grove, Paull’s Valley (Beelu National Park).

“And all the lives we lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves …” Virginia Woolf

Autumn's Decision

The storm passed quickly,
failing to transition autumn to winter 
any faster than autumn was willing to
allow, for autumn is possessed of her
own determined time to relinquish
her hold on nature, and certainly not 
at winter's behest; soon the air floated 
between two moods, charged with 
possibilities unknown, while the birds 
sang their thoughts and the trees 
pondered the gentle breeze.

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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33 responses to “Autumn’s Decision – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Magical Autumn imagery Paul …

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  2. The seasons personified — wonderful!

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  3. Love towards Nature ❤️!

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  4. Sounds like Autumn is well and truly in control where you are!

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  5. Paul, I must admit that I appreciate Autumn’s stubbornness, while at the same time not appreciated Winter’s. The gentleness of the breeze is welcomed anytime. I really like that opening quote and the image you chose. Nice looking forest.

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  6. Beverly Crawford

    Seasons well defined!

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  7. Those in-between seasons when
    “…soon the air floated
    between two moods, charged with
    possibilities unknown,’
    are always so thrilling to exist in.
    Nicely writ ~peace, Jason

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  8. Beautiful, honest imagery. With what the summers are like here, Autumn is more than welcome. But we have to wait until late September.

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  9. For every time there is a season . . .

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  10. so lovely and hear i’m wondering what spring was thinking leaving us high and dry with mud lakes not water.

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  11. you do these layers of meaning so well … seasons, strife, life!

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  12. I love the idea of autumn not yet relinquishing her hold on nature. Lovely poem ❤

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  13. Autumn for you… and we are having the first touch of summer.

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  14. Living seasons Paul — Well written! I celebrate the veracity and power of your words. May you continue always sharing only your authentic self — that alone makes you genuine, meaningful to read, and of worth to be heard! Síocháin!

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  16. lync56

    Im loving these nature poems and reflections on the essence of the bush spirituality – great photos too


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