Luna On The Street – Haibun by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Frank is hosting Haibun, with an invitation to write inspired by the (northern) flower moon.

dVerse Poets – Haibun – Flower Moon


Luna On the Street

Luna dropped her keys and bent to pick them up, and something unlocked in the very core of me. I pocketed my hands just in case they reached for the moon, which was no half moon, a fulsome globe that lit the scene and moved a tide within me that took me to places forgotten. I gasped.

She turned, intuitively , smiling a knowing smile, as if she knew my secret thoughts, dispelling all my shadows. she moved with sighing hips, more Friday night than Monday morning. Each step a fertility dance, a cycle blossoming before me. I was transfixed. And then, just as suddenly, she was gone.

Moon cycles dark nights
enticing the blushing stars
my bouquet blossoms

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®


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23 responses to “Luna On The Street – Haibun by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. 🏵️🌹🏵️

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  2. I guess Luna can really shake her booty.

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  3. I like the personification of Luna here, and that lush final haiku is perfect!


  4. Paul, you’ve got me sighing now! I remember a scene in Wild at Heart, probably my favorite Lynch movies:

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  5. Oh, that magic moon . . .

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  6. An evocative, and erotic, extended personification of the moon as I’ve ever seen! Bravo!

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  7. lync56

    Great twist – very clever poem and full of passion


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