Trees Know – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: a ‘Red Gum’ which give off a dark red resin (which hopefully you can see down the middle of the tree) as if it were bleeding and pooling at its base.

“Friendship is a sheltering tree.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Trees Know

Resin bleeds slowly from the
wound in the heart, staining
its body and pooling at its feet
as life cast down and yet still
standing, full of life, resilient
in the face of threat, even 
death, showing that wounds 
carry their own healing. 
The tree spoke such wisdom 
to my gentle enquire, that I 
was left in silent awe for some
time, and on reflection 
understood that the tree 
knew my heart.

Copyright © 2021 Paul Vincent Cannon 
All Rights reserved®


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30 responses to “Trees Know – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Touching the Inner Mind!

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  2. Wonderful and thought provoking PV 👍🤝

    Liked by 5 people

  3. The tree and sorrounding plants are amazing and the touching lines also 👌🌹🙏

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  4. A pleasure and privilege to share our time with “tree messages” yesterday.

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  5. Trees do seem to know what we need most in a given moment.

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  6. Amy

    The tree spoke such wisdom, they do. Expressed beautifully, Paul.

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  7. Wonderfully penned 🙂

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  8. Very thought provoking, indeed! Thank you, Paul!

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  9. Polski Ryś

    So wonderful! I love this poem!

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  10. lync56

    Very beautiful – a lot to contemplate in this one


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