It’s Only A Spider – poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Jake William Heckey on

“what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Charles Addams

It's Only A Spider

As soon as you think it,
there it is, coefficient,
a leg too soon, all long
and furry, dangling down
from your hair, joined by 
others as you feel it move,
then see its body, its eyes,
along your furrow groove,
and you sit up in bed and
open your mouth with a
scream, but it bears no 
sense of your irrational 
theme and scuttles away
across the vast doona 
wilderness as you hunt
for its end, forgetting 
again, that it's only a 

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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50 responses to “It’s Only A Spider – poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Spiders are very useful in catching other critters, but I don’t want them in my house.

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  2. yikes, almost couldn’t even read this :)) arachnophobia gripped me!

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  3. Isn’t it ‘ strange ‘!

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  4. They sure can rattle you!

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  5. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Ewww can’t even look at that photo🤯

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  7. Ine that bug us not just a spider 🕷🥺

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  8. Huge spider… I never seen like the spider 🤔

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  9. “only a spider” lol that thing can eat me

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  10. I can cope with spiders, but not in my hair.

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  11. I was bit — while resting on the livingroom floor — by a massive one once. I’m fine (but did it transfer my DNA to its young)?

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  12. It’s only a spider?? It’s ONLY a SPIDER?!?!

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  13. I’m one of the few people I know (the only one, actually) who LIKES spiders! I never kill one, always allow them to walk onto a piece of paper, then gently release them outdoors before my granddaughter sees them and goes into a hysterical fit! Good poem, Paul!

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  14. Hah, a spider is never just a spider…I don’t care if the fear is irrational, they are fast creatures and good at hiding to ambush you!😉

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  15. marandarussell

    Spiders are fascinating and cool creatures, but also really creepy. I think what it is for me is the way they move. You can’t really predict which way they will go, they can change direction at any time, and all those legs flying around is creepy.

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  16. Amy

    It’s not only a spider… The web is fascinating though. 🙂

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  17. I love spiders, even here we are having not so big ones. 😉 As far as i know the Atrax robustus with a speed near 1,9 km per hour, is very harmful. Take care, Paul!

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  18. lync56

    Yes if they stay outside my house and off my body


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