To Loose The Mooring – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Mish is hosting Quadrille (44 words) inviting us to use the word or any of its forms – knot.

dVerse Poets – Quadrille – Knot

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“…. the great difficulty is to say yes to life.” James Baldwin

To Loose The Mooring

I just wanted to see what would happen,
to untie the knot and slip the hawser,
just to loose the mooring and see 
where the tide would take us,
to cast off from these predictable days,
life, sometimes it's in the letting go.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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62 responses to “To Loose The Mooring – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Wow. So wise, Paul. And I love the ‘oo’ sound you played with!


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  2. Tempting… but too reckless for me.

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  3. Rewarding…but difficult to do.

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  4. Oh, I like this! Cutting free needs a boat to make it real. Understated and very effective.

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  5. Paul, such wise words! Sometimes we need to explore with no destination in mind! ❤ Take care!

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  6. Great use of the prompt! I think a lot of folks feel that way after this unusual year! You just might was back up on shore! :>)

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  7. I love the sounds in this poem, Paul, and the extended metaphor is perfect – now I just want to get on a boat and drift.

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  8. The best of life is in the letting go, I think: well said!

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  9. I like your first line. 🙂 Fun!

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  10. Letting go like that made me think of the old man and the sea….

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  11. Indeed, the “letting go”…something I struggle to master. Beautiful poetry as usual.

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  12. Aww, this really evokes a sense of freedom and peace as I imagined sailing into the sea, wondering where one would land (hopefully somewhere). A beautiful rendered analogy.

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  13. This small quiet poem evokes so much of the sea and human longing.
    The dream of sailing off sounds so romantic (in reality, I’d be miserable)–but I think many dream of just letting go in someway.

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  14. Your poetry is a gift to be treasured as we set sail!~. Nice Paul!💖

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  15. Letting go is when the most magical things happen

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  16. Agreed ! I’ve encountered so much magic on, and off, the trails

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  17. Amy

    sometimes it’s in the letting go, beautifully expressed.


  18. A very good idea, but not “state of the art” these times. 😉 You even have to have an account in retirement, or at least an address. Otherwise the pension cannot be paid to you. So you are ultimately trapped in the prison you created yourself. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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  19. Into the unknown, into the adventure. 🙂 Lovely thoughts, Paul!

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  20. lync56

    So true – great poem


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  21. Indeed, sometimes it’s in the letting go!!!! Getting past the fear of the unknown and yet being brave enough to let go and reach for that unknown

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