Integrity – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“The earth is what we all have in common.” Wendell Berry

The question for me, is what am I ignoring or resisting in regard to how my lifestyle impacts the environment?


O, the triumph of cotton shopping bags
and earth related washing liquids,
the success of one hour for earth hour,
or catching the train just for once,
but yesterday was forty litres of unleaded,
and how many kilojoules of light for
that evening soiree of your gathered moments,
the petrochemicals that made your shoes or
paint for your bedroom decor or the
three thousand kilometres of jet fuel for
those delicious mangoes or tomatoes from 
even further away. What now your ecology,
your environmental credentials, you defender
of the earth?

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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22 responses to “Integrity – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. So much truth in these lines. None are so blind as we who do not see.

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  2. Your poem outlines the dilemma well. That carbon footprint weighs heavily on my mind. According to the Conference Board of Canada an individual emits 20.3 tonnes of Co2 each year. To offset driving a car 20 000 km/year you need 500 full size trees.

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  3. We can try to do our best

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  4. Excellent poem! I thought I was doing my share but never thought about the jet fuel etc!

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  5. These are the pointed questions we don’t want to ask ourselves.

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  6. No matter how Ii try to be kind to the earth, you’ve reminded me of some ways I’ve been blind to.

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  7. So true! There is too less action in saving the environment. A lot of government money is spent on it. Nevertheless, private vehicles are getting bigger and bigger and the number of passengers is growing steadily.

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  8. Charis Counselling



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