One Way Through – Haibun by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Surreal Art Work by Jacek Yerka and found at

“Everybody should keep some grip on childhood, even as a grownup.” Tim Curry

One Way Through

As spring made way for summer everything seemed full and lush, even the northern July evenings were slightly longer than the ending of Hey Jude which was idyllic when sleep seemed like theft of life. But there were dark tones in this summer of light. Why was mum so frightened, why were dad's fists so loud? It was a house of mixed feelings like the edge of a wave teetering near rocks.

Sometimes there was a deep silence, followed by absence. Baby-sitters appeared at intervals, young couples whose tongues were intertwined in closed eyes of desire, though not so much before I was given a cup of cocoa and soon sent to bed.

Our house wasn't ancient, but it was easy to hear anyone coming up the stairs, so I knew I could please myself in a wonderland. So I would throw back the curtains and marvel at the light, open the window and dangle my legs over the ledge. I was lost in the wonder of peace and stillness, dreaming of tigers, Sherwood Forest, and rescuing Alice from queens unknown. This was my refuge.

I sailed the angry sea
past dark resolution rocks
you are my refuge.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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52 responses to “One Way Through – Haibun by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. The full paragraph is inaccessible,Paul. Your haiku resonates.

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  2. This is a write that if full of feeling….the surreal piece of art you’ve selected to it fits your memories her so very well….that idea of the confusion within the house where there is anger mixed with love. The way for a child to maneuver through the angry behaviors of adults is often difficult to find.
    “like the edge of a wave teetering near rocks.” This sentence is powerful in expressing your feelings. This reminds me of the child living with an alcoholic who does not know what to expect….one evening can be full of love, the next full of blustering and spittle spewed and anger.
    I’m so glad you had your window….the image of that window with curtain pulled and the child seeking its refuge is powerful.
    Thank you so very much for sharing. I sometimes think writing can be salve for the soul and psyche….I hope it is/was for you.

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    • Lillian I very much appreciate your very thoughtful response, and yes, I did find it helpful to write it, I am utterly convinced that writing is a salve if combined with inner work. I am and have been, fortunate to have good guides too. Thank you so much.


  3. Nana na naaa, Hey Jude ended up being three times the length of any of the Beatles’ earlier hits having a fade-out that lasts for more than four minutes.

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  4. This certainly sounds like a solution for survival.😌

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  5. A most brilliant writing, Paul and what an amazing conversational photo as a compliment!

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  6. Beverly Crawford

    I have been known to say “children grow up in spite of us” in a light-hearted manner, but your memories make it a somber statement. Glad you had a place of refuge; pity the children who have none.

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    • Yes, I have spent some of my life working with those who have no refuge, heartbreaking. I think in retrospect I created my own innocence. Thank you very much Beverly.


  7. I do love the contrast between the dark confusing downstairs and your refuge upstairs filled with all the wonders that a child needs,

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  8. Every child needs a refuge of some sort, a safe place. In spite of what was happening around you, I am glad you found yours.

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  9. What a wonderful, whimsical, magical tale Paul. Loved the haiku!

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  10. It’s hard to live on the precipice like that, especially for a child. I love the phrase: ‘when sleep seemed like theft of life.’ I remember those days. Nowadays it’s an escape from it!

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  11. The refuge of the imagination. What would we do without that? I could lose myself in the artwork you selected, Paul. A splendid piece all round.

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  12. Amy

    open the window and dangle my legs… sweet childhood memories.

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  13. This is a very powerful piece, painfully so.

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  14. an extract from your book no doubt … sounds like that home environment lead to your deep inner reflection and strengthened your faith. Often the darkness forces us to find the light!

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  15. A great one, i only can agree to lillian. Michael

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  16. Charis Counselling

    Wow definitely deserving of publishing this one


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