But Her Smile – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Peter is hosting Meeting the Bar with an invitation to write a poem that changes mid way or at its end.

dVerse Poets – Meeting The Bar – Middles and Turns

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“All things truly wicked start from innocence.” Ernest Hemingway

But Her Smile

She played
everything in a minor key,
a high pitched dirge
for Sunday sins,
her primness a badge
of spinsterish anxiety
and determined moral
salvation wrapped in tweed
and ancient hairpins,
no one saw it, but her smile
belied her Friday nights
of wanton vixen over pints
and chips and sly thigh,
her ancient shiver of sigh.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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40 responses to “But Her Smile – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Well… that’s a good woman in a bad world if you read it carefully something portrays her as man eater who can say no to such face and bonus thighs

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  2. Paul, this is a delightful poem …. entertaining and a nice turn of morals.

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  3. Sly thigh sigh, well done. Those words certainly pull their weight.

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  4. ooh Paul this was a temptress delivery soooo well crafted with some great imagery and words to give it “body”. 💖

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  5. A great poem Paul! It is hard to hide a smile like that!

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  6. This is well expressed, exposing two sides of her “coin”. Fine piece Paul!

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  7. Ah, but she can’t carry on that double life indefinitely.

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  8. ‘But her smile’?
    You meant ‘but her eyes’, right?

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  9. A cute poem, Paul. Things are not always what they seem! 🙂

    Take care! ❤

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  10. I think she’s a lot more fun to be with on Friday’s 🙂

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  11. There are only Sunday sins? 😉 What a great and well woven poem. Wonderful for a romantic Tuesday! Thank you Paul!

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  12. lync56

    Great poem


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