To Go – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Without reflection we go blindly on our way ….” Margaret J. Wheatley

To Go

To be or to go,
do I need to go,
do I want to go
anywhere at all,
the mountains in the 
distance called me to 
their high places, but I 
preferred to go to the 
valleys of my heart
and dwell in presence.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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43 responses to “To Go – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Paul,

    To be or to go,

    This is interesting – makes me think of “to be or not to be” … Do you see your version as the two main alternatives?


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  2. love go to the valleys of your heart and dwell in presence Paul!❤️

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  3. Well…I will certainly not go unless I have to or I need to some circumstances need one to go

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  4. I like the metaphor of mountains and valleys, Paul. Would it be fair to say that the mountains represent intellect as opposed to the heart? Or maybe goals and ambition as opposed to gratitude and living in the moment?

    Maybe there is a time and place for both mountains and valleys in life. I am definitely a little old for climbing mountains! 🙂 Love the thought-provoking poem!

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  5. Mountaintop experiences are wonderful, but we can’t appreciate them unless we’ve spent time in the valley.

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  6. Love it. Sometimes it’s so important to just be where you are, and bloom where you’re planted.

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  7. Beverly Crawford

    Living in the moment is highly recommended.

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  8. A deep commitment to exploring oneself is probably overwhelming to most, I imagine. Easier to escape, to find high ground, than to dive deep.

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  9. sanaarizvi

    That’s always the best decision! Gorgeous write 💝💝

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  10. Ah, yes, “the valleys of my heart.” The image your poem brought to mind was Calvin Coolidge’s farm in Plymouth, Vermont. It’s nestled in a valley with the Green Mountains rising above it, and it was clearly where his heart belonged.

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  11. Always a great question, forces listening to our innerself. Love it , Paul! Great thoughts! Michael

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  12. Reaching inside has become so important to me. Your poem expresses that need and that process so well, Paul.

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  13. Amy

    valleys of my heart, and dwell in presence– where it’s close to us. Beautifully said.

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  14. There’s always the calling. Too many choices. Staying put is the best choice in many cases. TTC V47 comes to mine. Good poem, Paul.

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  15. lync56

    I love this poem


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