That Day – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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Photo: the result of the Meckering Earthquake, October 14, 1968.

“An earthquake is such fun when it is over.” George Orwell

That Day

Thinking of that day,
past the cognitive dissonance 
created by voids of time since
my recollection of Hey Jude
and paisley, athletes down in
Mexico, the warmth of spring 
with a holiday sleepiness,
rattled by 6.5 that shuddered
its way into my body in a 
millisecond, before panic set in
and my mother's shriek to run
outside clear of the walls,
adrenaline better than caffeine,
fear driving hearts while news
poured in of little Meckering
pummelled to the ground,
the plaster of our ceiling
shedding dust and the 
windows crackling,
earth rumbling in waves,
shake, rattle and roll,
after-tremors wielding terror,
what can now be trusted but 
open space, in the spring of 68.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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48 responses to “That Day – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Your poem is horrifyingly real …. awesome telling of chaos.

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  2. whoa.. terror.. and well done Paul! 💖

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  3. Great tension inside. At least we have to look on the results. Every sadness has luck inside. Michael

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  4. That must have been quite and experience! I am sure it left your family very unsettled after it was over! Very good use of the prompt, Paul.

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  5. Shudder. What an experience that must have been, and so vividly described that it makes our own hearts pound! So well written.

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  6. Nope earthquake is never ever a fun thing. Such an horrifying experience.

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  7. Amy

    Horrrifying… It’s like tornado in part of US.

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  8. A really scary experience that must have been. I have been to some situations and a little rumble, just scares me. You took us there with you.

    Thanks for joining in and have a good weekend.

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  9. It must have been so frightening, leaving long lasting impressions in you.

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  10. A very vivid description of a horrific experience, Paul. We seem to remember all the details of such an event. I still can hear the sound of a hurricane repeatedly opening an attic access door in the upstairs ceiling. My family was staying downstairs. I went upstairs to close it again and again. The wind roared like a freight train!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  11. I have returned as threatened — Poetry is the statement of power that sets the soul free, to be, exactly who you are — and in being just that, to introduce your truth to the world!..

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  12. Well…a day never forgotten and won’t be forgotten.

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  13. I have never experienced an earthquake and your poem reminds me of how lucky I am Paul. “earth rumbling in waves”. The imagery is amazing. I a. So happy you were ok. ☺️

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  14. This poem really gave me chills 😰 I love it! So much

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  15. I lived in California when there was a minor earthquake… but I simply overslept and heard about it in the morning after.

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  17. I think this is real poetry. Verses around the best and the worst, the real life. Michael

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  18. Wow, Paul! Very gripping tale. Glad you’re here!

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  19. lync56

    Wow this took me back – you have captured the feeling and essence of that time and the experience


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