A Spade Is More Than Itself – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“All my hurts my garden spade can heal.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Spade Is More Than Itself

This is a story maker,
a dream builder of futures,
of kingdoms and complex lives,
weeding out the inconsistent
lines of irrelevance and tedium;
this is a creator of new things like 
turning over one's life and 
planting seeds of posterity,
to be remembered  among the 
vines of hope distilled as love;
this is my father, my family, my
friends, my neighbours and
with each thrust a memory
comes and grows.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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39 responses to “A Spade Is More Than Itself – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I love those ending lines ‘with each thrust a memory/comes and grows.’ A spade can do that, and much more besides, as you’ve shown here!

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  2. Beverly Crawford

    So well portrays the way the mind wandeers while engaged in a repetitive task. Memories are unearthed right along with overturned soil!

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  3. Gardening does provide satisfaction and rewards.

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  4. A spiritual cultivation that you’ve dug into with a gardener’s skill.

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  5. A spade “is a story maker,
    a dream builder of futures,
    of kingdoms and complex lives” Never thought of it that way, but, yes!

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  6. As I read this lovely poem, my mind drifted back to every one of my farmer ancestors. Wise words that resonate ….

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  7. “memory comes and ‘grows'” Beautiful close, Paul!

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  8. You’ve truly honoured the spade with lovely metaphors and it really made me think about how a simple tool breaks the ground for so many dreams.

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  9. A great poem of represented growth and development.
    I loved the idea of love being distilled!

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  10. I really like how you use the spade metaphor in this poem!

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  11. Paul, planting, either literally or figuratively is a hopeful, forward-looking activity. Planting a tree gives a great deal of satisfaction, as the tree you plant will shelter and inspire those who come after you.

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  12. A great tribute to a humble garden tool; without it, we’d be stuck indeed.

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  13. “with each thrust a memory
    comes and grows.”.. I love this line Paul

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  14. So much the spade can do if wielded by the right person

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  15. I feel reverence for this tool as your words bring out a deeper meaning. Turning over one’s life and planting seeds of posterity.

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  16. Charis Counselling

    Such a beautiful poem


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