And Yet – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Heartwarming


“It is not important what is said, what is important is what is heard.” Jeffrey Fry

And Yet

Miniature horses on cancer wards,
rescue dogs in nursing homes,
kittens pulled from drains and
ducklings fit for ooh and ah,
selfless gifting on the streets,
a kidney given for who it fits
and pay it forward everywhere,
warms the hearts of everyone,
but, more than that, at least for me,
true heartwarming is the least of these,
more a simple thank you, even hello,
even more, an unsolicited "I forgive you"
and yet, "I hear you" really undoes me
to my very core.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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46 responses to “And Yet – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Here, here, Paul! There was a guitarist outside the local grocery store who had had no donations thrown into his open guitar case. I had a $5 in my pocket that I tossed in while he was sitting dejectedly nearby. He didn’t even grunt thank you. As I pulled my car out of the parking lot, he was once again standing up and playing his guitar. I don’t know if he ever got any other donations but at least for a while, he was trying.

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  2. I hear you Paul 🙂 Such a heartfelt poem.

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  3. A moving simplicity of sentiment.

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  4. Especially in these times of isolation, just to be heard – a heartwarming gift indeed.

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  5. A wonderful piece Paul. Little act of kindness is what we need.

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  6. I hear you, Paul. Excellent piece! It never ceases to amaze me how a poet can put into 84 words what would take me 500.

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  7. It’s always the little things that count.Thank you, Paul! A great poem! Michael

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  8. little words that mean so much like yours here.. I agred Paul!❤️

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  9. Really powerful Paul. It’s those simple but true connections that really warm the heart.

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  10. Didn’t expect that ending. Nice … makes you think 🙂

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  11. Amy

    Very moving… Yes, It means a lot especially these days.

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  12. I know whereof you speak. And just think of how much it means when we give that gift of “hearing you” to others.

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  13. Lady Smith

    Excellent Piece Mr Paul and The Whole World Needs To Show Kindness and Not Just Some😤It’s How You Make America Great Again😉🤓

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  14. Charis Counselling

    Beautiful – I love this one


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