Hung By Threads – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

VJs Weekly Challenge – Intimacy

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“Real intimacy is a sacred experience.” John O’Donohue

Hung By Threads

We were sleek gazelles 
caught in the moment of spring,
drawn to sup the youthfulness
of our open, tender flesh,
mirrored in our eyes of lusted,
dilated caresses, dishevelled
electric pulses flushed on skin,
opening us to summered days
of trusted space and listened
moments so raw that we hung
by threads of breathless knowing
unborn of reason, and the once 
moist latch now open to the 
treasured feltness of heart,
bonded as healed wounds,
and vested in renewed seeing 
that we dared to share as we 
grazed the plains of intimacy
unafraid of lions.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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27 responses to “Hung By Threads – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Powerful metaphor, Paul. I read into this that intimacy begins with instinct, a drawing to another, and then the bonding, always vulnerable, as “lions” lurk.

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  2. The last two lines in particular resonated with me.

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  3. Sensual poem, Paul. These lines truly got to me:

    dilated caresses

    moments so raw that we hung
    by threads of breathless knowing
    unborn of reason,

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  4. What a wonderful poem, Paul, such splendid imagery!


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  6. “Breathless knowing” is the true core of all intimacy with the Other, with nature or with one’s inner self. Powerful, sensual piece. Enjoyed the read, Paul.

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  7. A great imagery anwering this challenge, Paul! Thank you for sharing! Michael

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  8. Charis Counselling

    Wow so so beautiful conjuring memories of our youthfulness


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  9. Nature peeks through and shines in its natural form in the opening lines, bringing lovely imagery to my mind!

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