Just Let Her Speak – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Peter is hosting Poetics and has invited us write a poem as witness (to a news event or an event).

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Photo: Luke Stephenson, ABC News – Australian PM Scott Morrison interrupts Senator Anne Ruston who was asked about the culture of misogyny in the Australian Parliament, therefore ironically proving the point. The PM has long been questioned about his attitude to women. The question was set against the background of a public outing of government ministers who have had relationships (affairs) with their staffers (therefore a power relationship).

“Misogyny is hostility toward the women who threaten to remove the male status as superior to women.” Jill A. Stoddard

Just Let Her Speak

She appeared dressed for the microphone,
I even saw her lips move in pantomime,
but you voiced her down,
wrapping her in shrouds of misogyny,
swaddled her in your patriarchal goitre,
and gave your words to her lips
as you pigeon-chested the throng
with your smirk faced denouement,
a coda of lament for the poor boys
whose groins yearned for possession
of skirted public property,
how could you possibly listen
let alone reflect,
you members of parliament erect,
she appeared dressed for the microphone,
just let her speak.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Note: Misogyny:  from the Greek misein (μισειν) hate + gyne (γυνε) woman.


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75 responses to “Just Let Her Speak – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I think I’ve many if those men. I wouldn’t call them gentlemen.

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  2. The big test is this: has your PM called Biden? 😉

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  3. I just went out and watched the video of the exchange. I watched a few of them. Interestingly, some of them cut off what the female minister actually said after she was so rudely interrupted and was allowed to continue speaking. This is a compounded misogyny because first the PM interrupted her and then the news source did not allow her to be fully heard when they cut off the end of her statement, which said she has been treated very well by the PM. It seems like the PM was offended by the term “bonk ban.” To give it an endearing term like “bonk ban” minimized the egregious nature of the offense. It’s misogyny all across the board.

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    • Yes, it’s been going on for three years, including three ministers, one who resigned, one is still the attorney general who has a record of misogyny, and another minister who is his friend were the reason for the sex ban. But it is an attitude that comes with two conservative parties. Anne Ruston also defended the PMs actions which tells me it is also a power relationship like domestic violence (also, not a good term). I still have steam coming out of my ears. The Murdoch media are complicit in this behaviour, we currently have the largest e-petition ever presented to federal parliament – over 500,000 people signed to invoke a Royal Commission into the Murdoch media. It’s like the whole enterprise is just hanging on from a Neanderthal time. Sickening. I’m in awe that you followed on Lisa, and thank you for adding to the discussion, and the link too, I really would like to end this, I thought we had at one point but we had, but I was young and unaware. Thank you so much Lisa.

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  4. Disgusting behavior! Leaders should be held to higher standard of character.

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  5. +1 Paul – it’s so bad it almost speaks for itself, except it doesn’t – (I remember when Tony Abbott appointed himself as Minister for Women in 2013). Well done and thanks for calling this one out.

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  6. Poignant and powerfully narrated Paul… a brilliant observation…

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  7. Shame on them!! greatly dilvered! ❤️ cindy

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  8. Strong piece Paul, Misogyny is the product of a shallow frightened mind.

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  9. Thank you! I love it, Paul!

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  10. Your words, Paul, express a inner rage I experienced that eclipses the irony that I was witnessing as the PM interrupted. On behalf of all the women (and men) that I know, thank you!

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  11. Charis Counselling

    Wow great powerful poem


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  12. Uff. Sadly this is happening in so many countries.

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  13. Perfect Paul- a righteous poem!

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  14. great write, I’ve never had time for scomo after having to deal with him during my days with dva … orange man is deranged, scomo is calculating, rude, ignorant, corrupt egomaniac +++!

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  15. I know many “evolved” men. Why do we continue to elect these Neanderthals?

    Your beautiful and enlightened poem is very much appreciated, Paul. ❤

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  16. Wow! Really spot on.

    And this . . .
    “wrapping her in shrouds of misogyny,
    swaddled her in your patriarchal goitre”

    I feel a sense of being choked. A really visceral poem!

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