Most Perfect – poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.” Walt Whitman

Most Perfect

I pitched this tent some time ago,
it was wherever I went, a home, 
of souling unity or fierce divide,
as life is wont to provoke at whim
it sometimes seems, but today
was that day when all was
smooth creamy vermillion, a 
tangerined exquisite joy and
azure carolling, a hearts carillon 
of songbird treasures, my tent
at once restored unblemished,
the tuning fork as lightning
released, today was that day,
the most perfect day.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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39 responses to “Most Perfect – poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I bought a tent, but I never pitched it, as it seemed like too much trouble.

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  2. A wonderful verse full of rich sensory images!

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  3. Wow! So beautifully penned!

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  4. Lovely! To be alive is a gift to be savored each and every day, you’re right. Some days are better than others, and your creamy vermillion, tangerine joy one sounds like a good’n.

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  5. So beautiful. Who wouldn’t love such perfect day.

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  6. Very lovely poem! “a hearts ‘carillon of songbird treasures” is especially beautiful! ❤

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  7. I’m hearing Lou Reed start to sing…

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  8. Aha,..your words made it the most perfect day.

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  9. I love your evocation of a perfect day. Reading it reminded me that there really are perfect days, and I thank you for the reminder.

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  10. A great painting, made only by words. 😉 I like very much the phrase “a hearts carillon of songbird treasures”. Michael

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  11. Sorry, need to learn better grammar “made of words” is better. 😉

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  12. Charis Counselling

    Glad you enjoyed it 😄 So beautifully remembered in these words


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