Rumbling – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Peter at dVerse is hosting Meeting The Bar and his invitation is to write a poem based around sounds.

dVerse Poets- Meeting The Bar – Let your words ring out


“I’ll have what she’s having” (cafe patron played by Estelle Reiner) ‘When Harry Met Sally’


Stiletto staccato on platform five
invites leather soul antiphon, an
echo of his quiet love quickening
her pulsing temple oblivious to 
the bustle of the milling crowd
passing in the shadows, 
oblivious to the hum in this nest
of hulking, clanking metallic beasts
whose breath shouts for presence,
aware only of reaching into each 
other with shivering groans,
the whole place rumbling as they
filled its emptiness, she smiled,
he was confused, he hadn't 
expected that train to come in.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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45 responses to “Rumbling – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Oh, wow! I could hear each sound.

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  2. Love it, the quote and the photo. Such a happy sight!

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  3. And the description of the train!👍🏻

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  4. Oh, oh,…then who was he expecting.

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  5. A passionate feast of sound and texture – Who could ask for anything more? Well done.

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  6. Nice way to end your passion play.

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  7. Well done. The power of the arriving train carries right into the reunion.

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  8. Laughing here. Such a fine (and being an old cynic) surprising end to this fine piece Paul. And the sounds! – it’d be half the poem without the – staccato shouts hulking, shivering, rumbling, clanking’ – great stuff.

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  9. Lovely! It reminded me of waiting for my husband’s ship to arrive at Pier 12 after a seven-month Med cruise. Different sounds, but similar feeling.

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  10. I am a hopeful romantic😉

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  11. Well said, Paul! Really loved the “When Harry Met Sally” quote!!

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  12. sanaarizvi

    My goodness this is good! I love the use of sounds here so expertly wrought in each line 😀

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  13. Dora said it well! What goes on in railway stations … 😉

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  14. I love the sound around them, but they’re in their own world within. I can picture this scene so well.
    And the opening quote, so funny because you can’t help but think about that scene in the movie. 😀

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  15. I love the sounds of the train station… it sounds a bit like it used to do when I went there as a kid… I feel it’s less noisy these days.

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  16. A very romantic one. Thank you, Paul! We often do not expect the Good Bye. Michael

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  17. lync56

    Love your use of words in this poem


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  18. Superbly written and touching. Thank you for posting this.

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