Found You – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” Maya Angelou

Found You

Of course, 
I drifted off at some point,
lost in the melodrama of
north, true north and 
magnetic north, which all 
seemed very northy to me,
a desperate invocation of
the obvious made darker,
instead, I set my compass 
to love and found you.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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50 responses to “Found You – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautifully romantic.

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  2. 👏.
    Thanks for sharing Maya Angelou quote.

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  3. 💚 “melodrama of north, true north and magnetic north” 💚
    How beautifully this line captures the distractions, confusion … It just captures that “NORTHY” feeling. 😎😎😎
    I also want this Compass! 😍
    “I set my compass to love and found you.” ❣ 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

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  4. Beautiful wiote. She had so many. Love your poem.

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  5. A worthy northy … sounds like you got your bearings right in the end.

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  6. I have never seen a compass with that setting, but I am sure it would be a good seller.

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  7. This line made me smile big:
    “which all
    seemed very northy to me”

    And made me think of the thing a rental car GPS once said in a British woman’s accent, every time we didn’t obey the directions: “Recalculating route!”

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  8. A perfect litte gem of a love poem.

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  9. love the last line Paul!!! It truly speaks to us opening our hearts and allowing us to manifest our deepest desires. ❤️ Cindy

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  10. Finding our way, seeking north, it seems so simple. Yet when it comes to the heart, often isn’t. I enjoyed your poem

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  11. Loved this, especially the last line:
    I set my compass
    to love and found you.

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  12. Love this. Thinking about my own compass now

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  13. Lovely, Paul! ‘Northy’ made me smile.

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  14. Even if the supposed clue turns out to be the wrong target. Sometimes you just need a clue to find your destination. Michael

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  15. lync56

    So so beautiful – I set my compass to love and found you too


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  16. I think love is the only true compass. Another Paul said it was the greatest of all the three great things. If I think of all the suffering in this world, the musings of Ivan Karamasow, the only thought that makes me think that God is not a total jerk is the though that this circumstance is that this is the only way we can learn how to love. That makes me not want to turn in my ticket. The stakes are real and perilous and in the end any other northy imperative just is not worth it. Of course l labor under a particular little heresy that God may not actually exist outside of the universe (thanks to the strange and confusing Nauvoo Cosmology), and May just be trying to bring us home in the only way possible. Paul, glad my reader let me stumble on this today, perfect for a girl on her honeymoon with her wife. The beach picture fits.

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  17. Thank you Lona, enjoying your thoughtful and engaged response, very much appreciated. I resonate with how we can learn, yes, and I’m so glad you stumbled on this one.


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