Darkness – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: pixabay.com

“You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.” Edward Abbey


Have you known those deep ecstasies having
ventured into that impenetrable darkness
which shines its light for a path beyond
the stolid middle towards the wild, beckoning, 
fringes of everything where the rays of darkness
illumine mystery's sweet reversal,
vesting you in raiment of understanding
that has no possible words only sighs?

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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19 responses to “Darkness – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Paul, a lovely reflective poem. The phrase “rays of darkness” challenges us to “see” a world beyond our ordinary vision. ❤ All the best! Cheryl

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  2. This is an exciting poem, the idea of dwelling, seeing in darkness. We avoid darkness, but it’s the only way to experience life to the fullest.

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  3. I think I have a different take than most here.🤐

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  4. I should very much like to be vested in raiment of understanding.

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  5. lync56

    I love this poem – very deep


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  6. blindzanygirl

    This has moved me intensely, for it describes exactly where I am at. And most people can’t “see” the luminous darkness. Everyone wants to drag us into the light and for me personally I long just to stay with the dazzling darkness. Wonderful poem Paul. You have made my day.

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