Her Soft Light – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Bjorn is hosting MTB at dVerse and has invited us to develop a poem from a list. dVerse Poets – Meeting The Bar – Lists That Google Gives Us

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“Love is not consolation. It is light.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Her Soft Light

Moon was not in my sky,
she was out somewhere with
pisces, meeting new faces,
I could hear her laughter cascading
across the atmosphere and I 
determined a direction,
her soft light leading my curious
heart, which lead to, of all places,
the seventh house, and 
I smiled because the night
had not long begun and 
moon was young again, 
I didn't even knock.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

The Google search gave me “Moon is in the seventh house.”


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52 responses to “Her Soft Light – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. The soft allure, the magnetism, the carefree and destined pull of love and romance: you’ve captured it all with brevity and brilliance! Loved this poem, Paul.

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  2. Thanks for more moon magic, Paul.

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  3. Well you know what they say Paul, when the moon is in the seventh house in Jupiter aligns with mars then peace will guide the planet in love will rule the heart. Or something like that 🙂 unfortunately There is not nearly enough love and peace in this world. Not what I envisioned during my hippy days of the 1960s I really thought we had a chance now I don’t know. I’m a day late getting around to reading everyone’s work but I’m glad I got to read this well written piece.

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    • Many thanks Rob. I’m always late, time difference is a small hurdle from down here, someone reminded me that per capita, our hippy days were restricted to too small a slice of the population to shift it permanently, and most of our peers went on to work around us in finance and politics. I’m looking to a renaissance with environmentalism, the ethic never died, it lives on. The age.


  4. “I smiled because the night
    had not long begun and
    moon was young again,
    I didn’t even knock.”

    Me thinks this youth is contagious.

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  5. Oh, this is an enchanting piece!

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  6. This is incredibly lovely ~ the inevitability quite satisfying.

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  7. This is a delightful addition to your moon series!

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  8. lync56

    Deep layers of meaning and very beautiful


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  9. sparkly gossamer wings on this one, Paul.

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  10. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your words, these little escapes across the sky 🙂

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  11. The personification of the moon has been a favorite since time began! Great poem Paul!

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  12. Amy

    Made me smile… Thank you, Paul.

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  13. I love the young moon… we need that so much

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  14. sanaarizvi

    This is incredibly exquisite! I love how you describe the moon especially “her laughter cascading across the atmosphere.” 🙂

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  15. Love the romantic mood, the poems brings with referencing the moon. 🙂

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  17. Paul, I always heard about the man in the moon…Your version is far better! ❤ Lovely poem!

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    • Yes, I remember stories about the man in the moon, but they didn’t cut it with me (most of the illustrations in the books I read were either of a bland moon or of a grumpy moon), I grew up breathing romance so moon was always feminine to me . Thank you Cheryl, much appreciated.

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  18. love the ‘pull’ of this piece – enjoyed ! eco

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