At My Drifting Edge – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Photo: Jack Gilbert,

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.” Emily Dickinson

At My Drifting Edge

How to desribe the bigness of life
with the impatient failings of words
that judge and hem us in
making meaning so small,
skirting round the yeasty feltness
of things that desire to rise and grow,
life is big, love is bigger, an encompass
of the wholeness of we,
but I found at my drifting edge
of view a simple grey feather,
a dovely gift of no decimal value
that in its dullness shone
with promises of hope,
that all the coin of the world
could never be given receipt.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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39 responses to “At My Drifting Edge – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Your poetry gets more and more beautiful with time, my friend

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  2. I love that. It sends me the message that not everything has to be bought, some of the best things are with us.

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  3. Nice Paul! Love Emily Dickinson quote

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  4. Another beautiful offering, Paul.

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  5. blindzanygirl


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  6. I second Ana’s comment. Love does that to a person😉

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  7. The simple pleasures in life can translate to a great day if you use them right.

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  8. Oh, I love this poem!!! The dovely gift is transported me.

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  9. It’s up to us to see the beauty/blessing in the moments.
    A good one Paul.

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  10. The quote is as fantastic as the poem itself. Michael

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  11. such profound words about how the simplest and the most profound things in the world are invaluable.

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  12. Charis Counselling



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