Amantes del la Luna – prose by Paul Vincent Cannon

Host Merril at dVerse has invited us to consider a line from a Mary Oliver poem for a prose piece (144 words). dVerse Poets – Prosery – Moonbeams and Moon Dreams

I have been writing about Moon for some time so this landed in a week of moon thoughts.

The line is: “In their dreams they sleep with the moon.” from Mary Oliver ‘Death at Wind River’


“Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.” Khaled Hosseini

Amantes de la Luna (Lovers of the Moon)

Moon disrobed the darkness, her eyes lighting everyone who ventured to the edge of night. She was an illumine of all that is love in that sacred moment as she touched the tide of rising feeling by the shore of desire that ached with her beauty. The young men are too distracted to notice, they foolishly chase after lesser stars, mere reflections of momentary excitement lost in the ripples of time. But Moon doesn’t mind, the tides come and go in a gentle rhythm, and they will soon enough take notice of her. Besides, she has plenty of lovers. The older men adore her and sigh at her memory, holding her close in their hearts. Through wax and wane they remember the tender intimacies of her soft glow and her warm grace, and in their dreams they sleep with Moon as once they did.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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33 responses to “Amantes del la Luna – prose by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Beautifully lilting and lyrical, Paul. Of course, we love anything ‘Luna-related’!

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  2. A brilliant piece of moonlight Paul…


  3. I really like the quiet, reflective tone here–and I long for clear skies, where we can see the moon. Maybe this weekend (I live in the state of Washington–we’re getting the thick clouds of smoke from the wildfires.)

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  4. This is lyrically lovely Paul — romancing the orb of romance. Excellent write!

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  5. sanaarizvi

    “Moon disrobed the darkness, her eyes lighting everyone who ventured to the edge of night.” What a gorgeous opening line 🥰 and such truth in your words! You have my heart with this one! 👏💝

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  6. I love how the moon can stir the heart of old men… I think the librarian will stand by the moon as well.

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  7. This is so lovely, Paul–as others have mentioned lyrical writing. I also like how the old men “sigh at her memory.” I may have sighed a bit, as well, reading this.

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  8. I love this! It spoke right to my heart. *sharing*

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  9. The moon always is great metaphoric for love. Thank you Paul, for this very inspiring poem. Michael

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  10. Charis Counselling

    Wow I love this poem – beautiful beautiful words


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