Just Glad – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

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“Kai-ros: the perfect, delicate crucial moment, the fleeting rightness of time and place …..”

Just Glad

How might I interpret the horizon
which once seemed so far away
but no longer sits in distant silence,
much closeer now to the urgency
of words stretched out in
nascent expressions of meaning
I had not anticipated and,
joyfully inviting a lyrical searching
that powerfully deepens,
even so, I cannot hold on to it,
I'm just glad I was here in this
place with this question,
not having to understand 
this moment.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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65 responses to “Just Glad – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. This poem is gorgeous, it’s moments like this that make us ponder the greater meaning of life.

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  2. Beverly Crawford

    Your words so beautifully accompany the photograph, and you take us all along as you consider the meaning of it all!

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  3. Yes. Better not to try and understand this moment… 🙏🏻

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  4. These days, every day is a gift…. but then again it has always been that way!
    (I might have to continue this thought …)

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  5. The significance of being becomes more significant, as you say, the closer one gets to the horizon. Very well done Paul.

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  6. Oh, yes, to the gladness of being in this place with this question and not having to understand this moment! I would add that this is one of the things I love about literature. There are some lines of poetry and passages of fiction that simply can’t be explicated. You have to just be glad to be in that place with them and not having to understand those moments.

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  7. sanaarizvi

    This is beyond beautiful! 💝

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  10. A Zen moment, I’d say.

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  11. We question and overthink so many moments, therefore missing them.

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  12. I have seen a horizon
    distant, still
    but growing ever closer
    no hurry to meet it
    as it patiently waits

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  14. The contemplation of the horizon–that time and place now closer–but also to enjoy the moment. So beautifully expressed, Paul. I think of hearing a scientist say there is no such thing as the present, so the moment becomes a memory.

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  15. You’ve captured that state of just “being”, a contented space knowing that the horizon is near but nothing to fear …

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  16. Beautifully written. These are the moments that make life worth living. It is best to cherish them and not complicate them by trying to derive meaning.

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  17. Amy

    not having to understand this moment, beautifully expressed.
    Thank you, Paul.

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  18. lync56

    You lost me on this one


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  19. Thank you for the great inspiration, Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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