At Kaltukatjara – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

dVerse celebrates eight years of poetics and co-founder Brian Miller and host Grace have invited a poem that paints or creates a picture that we can see, smell, feel or hear. dVerse Poets – Poetics

At Kaltukatjara

The crisp morning air
hung with bacon
long consumed,
so too the brew
with joyous banter
and reveries of starlight,
while I wandered 
softly on the land
seeking space for 
thoughts that could
not surface in the fray,
yet made no sense 
in the silence,
only the fallen mallee
nuts made any effort
to speak into my day.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Note: Kaltukatjara known also as Docker River, Northern Territory. Wonderful to see the original indigenous names being used more and more these past years by government and traveller alike.


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55 responses to “At Kaltukatjara – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. Yes, you tapped all the senses here!

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  2. Loved the opening of this, you really have hit all the senses, and it took me to places I have experienced.

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  3. Nice composition that fits rightly with the moment, a pleasant read! ~Jason

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  4. I love how you describe the moment both with the place and the company… and to walk in the company of a good breakfast already consumed makes the travel even better.

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  5. Sherry Marr

    Beautiful, Paul. Here in Tofino, too, the town is making an effort in signage to use the Tla-o-qui-aht names for landmarks…long overdue.

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  6. Great moments in time…Food in the outdoors is so good. The space to reflect is much needed these days. This is a great line:
    seeking space for
    thoughts that could
    not surface in the fray,

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  7. Absolutely beautiful and thought-provoking. What a lovely poem.

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  8. Oh, this is so beautiful! A feast for the senses… and “seeking space for thoughts that could not surface in the fray” – such marvellous lines. Thank you for sharing, it was a pleasure reading this.

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  9. everything is better with bacon. ha.

    i have those days when nothing really comes. its usually the fray that brings it out more than the peace for me. though i do like a good siesta/breather when i can get it.

    so is a mallee nut like an almond. i could not get a clear definition on google.

    brian miller

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    • Depending on the variety, mallee, a eucalypt would have a slightly bigger nut than an almond. To be truthful, I like both the fray and the silence, they seem to work well together. Bacon on the trail is a must 🙂 and I agree with your words too about being loved.


  10. I love the smell of that crisp morning air. Thanks for joining us.

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  11. Your poem evoked times spent at my aunt and uncle’s cabin in the woods–until I got to the mallee nuts. 😉

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  12. sanaarizvi

    This is such a beautiful sensory write!! 💝

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  13. The crackling nuts can keep a secret very well..

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  14. Another beauftiful poem. Yes, its fantastic reading more and more indigenous names They are showing the real beauty too. Congrats to d’Verse, and you as an contributor too, Paul.

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  15. Beverly Crawford

    Precious are those moments of silence on the land, increasingly more difficult to find in the cacophony of modern life. (Loved that smell of bacon)

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  16. Thank you for sharing another great thoughts, Paul! Best wishes, Michael

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  17. lync56

    You took me back there with the words crafted in this poem evoking smells, feelings, sights and taste and mostly the connection with the earth in this place


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