Nutmeg – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“The spicier the food, the spicier the Love.” Anthony T. Hinks


The day of metaphors arrived
like a vine claiming a trellis,
unconsciously filling the lines
of his normally vapid mind with
a stirring to picking pumpkins,
the slicing thereof to a soup,
tasting the bland therein, spiced
memories erupting a remedy,
dashes and pinches colliding
with a thought that simmered,
that his day was quite the same,
and when he called she said yes,
Nutmeg was always ready to spice.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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24 responses to “Nutmeg – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I like the poem! Good and quote! 🙂
    Poetry is the one that can do anything using metaphors … 😉

    I offer you a coffee as a poem. 😉

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    • Then, my favourite poem of all 🙂 and thank you so much for your encouraging words.

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    • Dear Paul Vincent Cannon and AureliaAlbAtros,

      Thank you, Paul, for offering your lovely and excellent poem for us to enjoy. I really like the flow of your poem and its metaphors.

      Whilst AureliaAlbAtros has offered you coffee, I would like to offer you my own musical composition, which also comes with a poem.

      As we maintain spatial distancing and stay home to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus, please kindly allow me the pleasure to entertain you and your family with a bespoke poem and music recently published in the multimedia post entitled 🎼🎹—THE—🎹—LAST—🎹—RAG—🎹🎵🎶, where the featured composition can be enjoyed and studied in multiple formats available to you as the audio playbacks, the video captures of score with music, and the gallery of score sheets.

      The post is available for you to enjoy at

      Please be informed that you might need to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my blog, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

      Since music can be an essential part of the process of sustainability, wellbeing, healing and even social change and spiritual awakening, may my music and poem in the said post bring you some creative “distractions” or “diversions” amidst the disruptions and woes engendered by the pandemic.

      I look forward to receiving your feedback at the post there. Happy reading and listening!

      Happy July to both of you!

      Yours sincerely,

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  2. Ah! Very clever, Paul. I love nutmeg.

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  3. Fun poem. I think my thoughts are more of a stew than a soup – much less fluid.

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  4. It’s fascinating how an aroma can illicit strong sensations stir our hearts and minds…just like a sound, touch, or picture. 😊

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  5. I enjoyed the metaphor, although I dislike nutmeg. (Associated with eating too many Christmas cookies as a child and the inevitable result.) But I like the poem! 🙂

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  6. Great poem. Makes real joy. But don’t remember nutmeg, the favorite spice of one of my grandfathers. 😉

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