It’s Time To Light A Fire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


“A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.” Guy Fawkes

It's Time To Light A fire

Up on the hill the light recedes
as the western candle dims,
wick ravaged to ill effect,
too frayed to rise again with 
wax beyond plenish once more,
there's a chill wind blowing
and the age is dark,
it's time to light a fire.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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29 responses to “It’s Time To Light A Fire – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

  1. I was born on November 5th- that aside, I love this, it captured that quote perfectly.

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    • Thank you, mine is on November 8th 🙂 fire and fireworks in November seems a fitting cliche for those born then. It’s a macabre celebration historically though isn’t it?


  2. Wow, this blew my mind away! I could literally picture a fire in my head with those descriptions 😊

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  3. powerful … I’ll settle for a spark of kindness in everyone’s heart!

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  4. I’m in an apocalyptic frame of mind today, so I see your last line as fire to cleanse. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll see it as fire to light the way.

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  5. Fabulous, Paul! Guy Fawkes was born in the City of York where I went to school.

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  6. Lets hope one will light it on the right place. Our ancestors had built lighthouses preventing too much fire on with wrong place. Nowadays some want to fear the enlightenment. 😉 By the way: Germany has the EU presidency now. Hope i will not only become a BBQ. Lol Best wishes, Michael

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  7. Beautiful (and true)


  8. Charis Counselling

    Too true – great poem to start that fire


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